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Business Bay, one of Dubai’s most sought-after addresses, is the city’s central business district and offers ultra-luxury residences in skyscrapers, five-star hotels, a sophisticated infrastructure, and a prestigious location. If you’re looking for a new home in Dubai, you should definitely consider the area around Business Bay.

Located near the Dubai Canal, Business Bay offers an urban lifestyle. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy an upscale, fast-paced lifestyle while still being close to many of the city’s attractions and amenities. There’s plenty to do in Business Bay, and its proximity to Downtown Dubai makes it a popular spot during the weekends.

The area has a vibrant environment with many restaurants, cafes, trendy bars, and luxurious spas. You’ll also find some of the city’s best five-star hotels here. It also has a number of schools and medical centers. Even children can find a wide variety of activities, from playgrounds to the Humming Nursery.

Buses are convenient to use in this area. Many buildings are located in the immediate vicinity of a metro station, making it easy to get around without the need to take a cab. The metro station, located next to Business Bay Square, has access points to Downtown Dubai and DIFC. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or a car rental service. Either way, you’ll be able to reach where you need to go.


Properties For Sale in Business Bay Dubai

Map of Properties in Business Bay Dubai

Key Features of Business Bay Dubai

A number of large, modern skyscrapers are in the area. While some are residential, most have at least one commercial unit. There’s something for every taste in Business Bay, from small businesses to international companies. There’s also a lot of street art in the area, so you’re bound to find something you like.

While the area is home to a variety of luxury properties, Business Bay is most notable for its vibrant nightlife. You’ll find numerous hip, up-to-date clubs and bars in this area. Personal Room Dubai, an exclusive club located in the J. W. Marquis Hotel, which is the tallest building in the world. Other popular business-oriented nightclubs in the area include Iris, Go swimming & Tonic, and Backyard.

There are many new constructions in this area, but this is still a very affordable place to buy a property. Business Bay is located near a major road and is still under construction. Noise levels in Business Bay can be high, but buildings in this area are highly insulated, so you shouldn’t worry about them. You can also ask residents about their experiences living here about noise.


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