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Owner Representation

HFRE offers a specialized “Owner Representation” service, which is far different than project management. In order to stay focused and streamlined, foreign clients can get premium owner representation services, where a team member is assigned to him, who can impartially make all critical decisions on his behalf. After that, the property managers can manage the project and get the rest of the work done.

Our team of Owner Representatives are highly skilled professionals with vast experience, which means you can rely on us to take decisions best suitable for the client’s interest to avoid dispute escalation. We can also represent the property owner at Owner’s Association meetings and act to protect the wishes and interests of our clients.

A few of “Owner’s Representation” services include:

  • Preparing documentation including the execution plan
  • Facilitating progress meeting
  • Ensuring smooth project and process management
  • Regularly reporting the progress to the client
  • Dealing with claims
  • Undertaking quality inspections time and again
  • Dealing with queries and clarifications
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