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Sales and Marketing

Are you looking to sell your property in Dubai? If so, you are at the right place.

We have a team of seasoned, highly trained professionals and consultants for residential sales and marketing. Our team covers all the bases to make the entire process smooth and seamless – and not having just fancy claims. All you need is to connect with us and one of our representatives will speak to you about your demand and offer. The entire process takes 24 hours maximum.

We also provide a free and no obligation valuation service and several other value added services including home staging to get fast and proven results.

The entire sales team at HFRE is RERA qualified, trained and experienced property experts with years of experience in the Dubai real estate market. We also have a wide and loyal customer base and we can assure you that a pool is always ready to view your property. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to almost every area and every development in Dubai.

sales and marketing

After accepting your query, a marketing team representative will get in touch with you to discuss the marketing aspect of your property. In the majority of cases, he will be the same person to be and remain your main contact with HFRE. To valuate your property, our team members can visit your property or otherwise, all details can be discussed over the telephonic call to finalize the asking price, marketing strategy and the continuation process.

Based on our market exposure and years of experience, we can suggest you the best possible price that you can generate from your property within a given time frame. After this step, we will ask you to sign a contract with us – based on your property sales needs. In the majority of cases and guaranteed results, the most successful sales and marketing approach is to sign an exclusive contract to avail of our personalized one-on-one services, guaranteed to provide optimum results. A suitable timeframe will also be agreed upon along with a mutual sales and marketing strategy.

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