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HFRE sales team works with a multitude of different lenders in Dubai, in order to link you with the best ones. You will not just get tailored advice but solutions from the financial advisors, access to competitive rates, multiple mortgage loan programmes and a transparent mortgage process.

Whether you are an expatriate planning to invest in Dubai real estate, a local resident, a first-time property buyer or a savvy investor looking for Islamic financing or conventional mortgage loan – work with the team HFRE and we will help you get transparent advice and connect you with the qualified lender that suits your needs.

The entire process of buying a property in Dubai can be a little complex and overwhelming. It all depends upon your team and financial approach. Whether you are an emotional buyer or work around numbers – we work with you to get the best property on the block and not resent the purchase just by taking a misinformed and misguided investment decision.

At HFRE, we work tirelessly to find the best mortgage loan offers at the best rates and from the most experienced mortgage lenders. We keep a tab on every aspect including interest rates, amount of loan, working with a mortgage broker or directly with a financial institution, fees, legal aspects, freehold versus leasehold property, sharia mortgages, early redemption fees, and fixed or variable products.

Interestingly, there are only a few pieces of the mortgage loan industry but we work to understand your requirements and have the scope to offer varying loan products that must meet your criteria. Be assured that you are dealing with the best.

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