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Furnishing for Landlords

Rental furnished apartments are amongst the most popular residential options for expatriates moving to Dubai. Highly-skilled professionals prefer renting such fully or semi-furnished apartments as it takes away the hassle of wasting time looking for timeless furniture pieces and furnishing items. We know neither these landlords nor the tenants will settle for anything less than premium and modern.

HFRE takes the charge and creates beautiful houses for tenants on behalf of landlords that offer fully-furnished apartments, without spending a fortune. The most appealing spaces have not teemed with everything designer but are attuned to the unique taste and preferences of the owner.

We have experts who will perfectly align services to the requirements of your home within your budget. Resultantly, we deliver chic and attractive spaces completed with modern furnishing that enhances the beauty of the structure. If you are a keen landlord who is interested in stunning yet practical interior design solutions – we invite you to work with us and see the outcome yourself.

The drive to achieve the greatest impact with the least clutter ties us with using clean and simple forms and utilizing minimal design elements to create a striking overall effect. No matter, whether you have one bedroom apartment or a duplex – we will transform your place and elevate it to create a modern yet comfortable look. We assure to go beyond your expectations.

Currently, we offer two packages:

Standard: Where we combine quality with affordability. Depending upon your requirements, we will handpick furniture items and accessories to create a welcoming space for your potential tenants – while keeping your budget in mind.

Premium: If your potential tenants want luxury – this package is what you must avail yourself. With the highest quality materials and standards, your rental property will be designed to look top-notch for an outstanding outcome.

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