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Property Guardian

Buying a property in Dubai is easier but managing it is a difficult chore. The management gets even tough when you buy a property for mere investment but do not intend to live in Dubai on permanent basis.

HFRE has customized property management service to satisfy and exceed landlord’s expectations. One of our property management service is “Property Guardian” that you can avail in case of having an empty residential property for a longer period of time. We can help you put your mind at ease by providing complete property management service and looking after your vacant property.

Whether you are planning to keep your property empty, sell your property without visiting the city or renting it out – having a vacant property can be costly in terms of losing potential customers and make it vulnerable to damage. Instead of investing in costly security services that can only protect your house from outside, work with us and avail our guardian service.

We will not just appoint security but also inspect inside to prevent it from potential damage such as fire hazard or burst pipes. We will also pay bills in your absence and keep it clean, well-maintained and ready for your next visit.

Contact us today and take a quotation for bespoke “property guardian” services.

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