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Bermondsey - Area Guide

If you are searching for areas with unique buildings and lots of history and are interested in real estate investment or only want to visit, then the South of London’s main downtown area, comprising the beautiful Bermondsey, will definitely be the best choice! The community’s rejuvenation and unique blend of historic architecture and amazing development have made it one of London’s most desirable residential areas. If you’re thinking about relocating to the UK, then you must consider the amazing properties for sale in Bermondsey.

Bermondsey is bounded by the Thames to the north, Rotherhithe to the east, Peckham to the south, and Southwark to the west. If you are an investor who wants to fulfil financial goals, then real estate investment in Bermondsey is definitely a wise financial move. Bermondsey has some of the lowest prices residences in London. There is a wide selection of accommodation facilities in Bermondsey, from studio apartments to large family mansions. Most people can find a residence in a price range that works for them.

Several Victorian and Edwardian residences, mostly converted warehouses, can be found in the vicinity of Bermondsey Street. It is unusual to find a single-family home that is not subdivided into multiple apartments. You can easily find residences with three or four-story structures with lovely rooftop amenity spaces. Not only this, people who are looking for properties for sale in Bermondsey can also have some pre – war terraces full of beauty and elegance. Prices range widely depending on amenities like river views, square footage, and overall quality.

Map of Properties in Bermondsey

Key Features of Bermondsey

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One of the most famous tourist spot in Bermondsey is Bermondsey Street, the area close to a thriving urban hub Canary Wharf and is walking distance away from the city. It has been a famous tourist spot in recent years because of its expanding selection of restaurants and illustrious art galleries. Many artistic people settle there since it’s a hub for small, amazing digital enterprises.

Bermondsey is famous for its eateries and is indeed a great place for people who love delicious food. Discover the delights of the Ropewalk Street Market and then enjoy yourself with a pint of local brew at any of the town’s several dozen bars. Other than the restaurants, daily necessities including gyms, shops, and several supermarkets are easily accessible from the amazing properties for sale in Bermondsey.

Another advantage for the people living in Bermondsey is that it is near the heart of London and has easy access to the subway. In this way, people can enjoy the convenience of being close to the city without having to pay city prices.

Bermondsey has great transportation services as well. The cheapest way to get from South Bermondsey Station to London is to line 1 bus, which costs $2 and takes about 22 minutes. Moreover, a direct bus travels from Rotherhithe New Road South Bermondsey Station in Bermondsey to The Old Vic in Waterloo.  

Important Factors

  • South London Main Downtown Area 
  • The Unicorn Theatre 
  • Shortwave – Art House Films  
  • Blend of Ancient Architecture and Modern Designed Buildings  
  • Situated in Zone 2, Overlooking Bermondsey Spa Gardens 
  • Famous Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

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