Top 4 Green Communities in Dubai

Green Communities in Dubai

The rapid growth of Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is a sign of the region’s expanding influence on the global economy and culture. Still, it has not been without unintended effects. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) had the greatest ecological footprint per person in 2006. There have been developments of a number of green communities in Dubai recently. This distinction is largely because of the country’s rapid population growth and economic development, leading to increased carbon emissions.

Living up to its growing reputation as a cutting-edge metropolis, Dubai real estate sector has launched an initiative to promote green housing neighbourhoods to address the issue. The city’s leaders want to do more than lower its carbon footprint; they want to make it as small as possible in terms of its ecological footprint. Therefore, the emirate is taking many steps toward becoming the greenest metropolis on Earth.

Dubai – Creating a green city with futuristic approach

Always aiming for the superlatives, Dubai real estate has commissioned the construction of multiple communities that aim to make sustainability a natural part of daily life for residents. These innovative developments include Dubai Sustainable City, Dubai Hills Estate, The Greens, Arabian Ranches, and many more.

Green Communities in Dubai

Besides these green projects, many top housing communities in Dubai also offer countless green developments where you can buy apartments and villas, according to your budget and space requirements. 

Best green communities in Dubai

Working in line with the Green vision, the Emirate is committed to upholding the highest standards in environmental sustainability across all aspects to ensure awareness of a greener lifestyle through energy and water efficiency. The higher authorities aim to continue to be vigilant in conserving its natural resources, preventing environmental hazards and pollution and maintaining the ecological balance for the long-term welfare of its communities and future generations.

 Here are a few best green communities to live in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches III is an aesthetic haven where nature meets urban living. Strategically located between the richness of sprawling green spaces on one side and scenic parks with jogging trails on the other, this trendy and vibrant village is supported by an urban dynamic living community that offers residents an upbeat lifestyle with all the tranquillity and privacy of living in a gated community.

Green Communities in Dubai

A haven offering unobstructed views of expansive green spaces overlooking magnificent and alluring green valleys, these properties for sale in Dubai are a perfect package to offer you a tranquil retreat every day. It is a place where serenity meets perfection in design. It provides the perfect space for all that you need. Beautifully combining the elegance and eloquence of your home with your morning coffee or your sunset walk at the stunning views of the green spaces, you will feel the charm of your new home like no other.

Dubai Hills Estate

Spread over an area of 11 million sq. m. Dubai Hills Estate enjoys a strategic position in the centre of Dubai. It is the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City and the green development is designed to be a city within the city. The entire development is divided into three significant zones and each zone boasts unique properties for sale in Dubai, shopping centres and restaurants. Dubai Hills Estate is a dynamic microcosm where “home” stretches far beyond your four walls, fuelled by community events, celebrations, and a sense of togetherness that transcends all cultural barriers. 

Dubai Hills Estate

It is a place that touches the lives and speaks to people’s hopes and dreams. Dubai Hills will boast a 282,000 sq. m. Dubai Hills Mall, 197,000 sq. m. of office space, 54 kilometres of open space dedicated for cycling and jogging tracks, three hotels and three schools along with apartments and villas. Another significant feature of Dubai Hills Estate is its 18-hole championship golf course and 97 exclusive villas designed around this golf course. The first and the foremost reason to invest in Dubai Hills Estate is its green and sustainable status.

Note: We have always receive large number of queries requesting to analyse the investment and living perspective in properties in Dubai Hills Estate. Here, you can check a detailed post on why you should invest in Dubai Hills Estate – a green development.


The DAMAC Hills neighbourhood is a thriving gated community with villas, apartments, and a hotel. It is the location of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai and you can also have your new home there. It features approximately four million square feet of parkland with a wide variety of themed spaces for relaxation and sports. These areas range from tranquil gardens and lakes to a skate park, stables, football fields, tennis courts, and more. 


Experience the benefits of a prestigious address that motivates you to perform at your best every day through these properties for sale in Dubai. Carrefour store, Jebel Ali School, salons and cleaning services, a separate Green Zone selling plants, and a shuttle service to Mall of the Emirates are just some of the available facilities, with more on the way. In addition, it provides numerous kid-friendly amenities like water slides, pirate ships, and trampolines.

The Greens

Next to Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road is the master-planned suburb Greens & Views. The American University of Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, Media City, a variety of five-star hotels and restaurants, and several world-class golf courses are all easily accessible from here. Even though it’s in close proximity to the majority of the emirate’s sights, the community feels secluded and tranquil, unlike anything you’d find in a city.

The greens dubai

Some properties for sale in Dubai have breathtaking vistas of the adjacent Emirates Golf Club, while others look out over the canals and waterways. The development’s swimming pools and decks, fitness centres and mini sports courts, play areas and BBQ facilities all contribute to the sense of community there.

The two lakes and nearby shopping centre contribute to the “walking community” vibe, as do the area’s lovely green streetscapes and pleasant footpaths. The area has several cafes and eateries contributing to the overall “village” vibe. Greens Souk is a shopping centre with several different types of stores, including a grocery store, restaurants, and cafes. Emaar Business Park is close by, housing office space for regional companies, while the nearby Organic Food Café offers residents access to delicious and nutritious fresh food.

Another “smart city” on cards in Dubai

According to the leadership, Dubai real estate will continue to build its reputation for eco-friendly development with Desert Rose, a 4,000-hectare “smart city” being developed with a similar emphasis on sustainability. The Emirate’s environmental policy adheres to strict operating guidelines to ensure that it imposes minimal impact on the eco-systems. 

Smart City

The government has taken certain eco-friendly, green initiatives and worked hard to educate and sustain awareness amongst the citizens, employees, contractors, suppliers and communities about the impact of developmental activities. Specifically, it offers properties for sale in Dubai’s green neighbourhoods to ensure and promote eco-friendliness.


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