Smart Home – A Convenient Lifestyle Choice For New-Age Homeowners

With technology manifestation everything is changed around us; be it our modes, minds or living styles. Modern technology has not just upgraded our lifestyle but also given us numerous opportunities to improve it. Everyday life has started revolving around emerging trends. In Dubai real estate sector alone, the new and smart appliances give homeowners a chance to make houses smart. Adopting smart technologies will be the need of the near future to make life easier, better and way cooler.

Just look around and you will find everything smart around you such as our phones are referred to as smartphones, several home and kitchen appliances are marketed as smart or energy-efficient and our homes are now gradually being transformed into smart hubs – being operated with many of these smart devices. Isn’t it exciting to control your home lights without even being physically present there? It definitely is. Home automation is a new rage and the next big thing around the world and Dubai residents are all ready to jump on the bandwagon too. 

Smart Homes – where everything is in order

Do you know about the new technological revolution, where you can communicate with appliances in your home? Yes! The properties in Dubai have it all sorted. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where you can communicate with anything – including your home’s smart security system, lights and home appliances including refrigerator and air conditioning systems.

For instance, you can automate your home lights. And the room will be lit up as soon as you walk into that room and get fade out, as you exit. Even you can set the warmth, tone and colours of your light according to your mood.

Modern technology keeps you in control from afar too

smart homes in Dubai

Apparently, this is the most basic part of technological revolutions. Things are changing at a dramatic scale. For instance, you are out of your home but the thought that you forgot to turn off your microwave or toaster is nagging you. With a smart home automation system, you need not to fret over such small matters. Modern technological advances have got you covered while being away from your property in Dubai

All home appliances and devices back at home can now be linked to your smartphone through an app and you can easily operate everything from afar. First of all, you can check in on everything through your smartphone and command the appliances to be off and even locked through voice or by clicking on an icon on your phone. 

Motion sensors – Automate your home

You can get one step ahead in your property in Dubai and get things operated through motion sensors as well. Motion sensors are the new smart. You can set them up in your Dubai home and when they sense that you have arrived home or have woken up in the morning – the coffee pot will turn on too and start brewing coffee before you reach the kitchen.

Life has become extremely busy and the chores are tedious. In this situation, it is difficult to stay on top of everything. We all know Dubai gets hot during summers and imagine reaching home from work exhausted. It’s hot and humid inside and it will take AC units a certain time to reach and maintain a comfortable temperature. A smart property in Dubai can do it all itself, without letting you worried about another task. 

Smart home – An effortless choice for better living

This is the beauty of smart homes; you can switch on lights and thermostats before reaching home and switch off lights without getting up from your bed and adjust the thermostat without you having to move, too. A few may consider it lazy but isn’t it that nowadays, we have to be on our toes to do much more complex tasks and handle situations that drain our energy? 

smart homes in Dubai

Moreover, to make your home smart, you can choose things according to your choice and budget. All that matters is that you must have more time for yourself by the end of a hectic day for a few more important and finer things in life. You can find numerous smart homes in top housing communities in Dubai, where you can single out a property according to your choice, requirements and budget.

Modern technology keeps your family safe

Smart home security is the next important yet commonly used technology nowadays. Wherever you go, you will have complete access to your home through a smart security system of digital cameras. You can head out of your home without worry, as you would be sure that your family is safe back home. Even if someone knocks at the door while you are away – you can see who it is and decide whether or not this person should be let in.

Dubai is a modern city that always remains a few steps ahead and properties in Dubai have become smarter on a technological basis. For instance, in an unfortunate incident, if a fire breaks out, the smart home system can escort you and your family out through a safe route and take all the necessary safety measures to control the emergency. 

Keeps the bills low 

smart homes in Dubai
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You must be thinking that having a smart property in Dubai (which is already known for its posh and luxurious lifestyle) would surely be very expensive. However, the truth is that it will be expensive in the beginning to buy and install these smart devices and appliances in the home but the smart system will reduce the costs in the long-run. Isn’t it an energy-efficient mode, when the appliances are switched off automatically in case of no use? Modern appliances are also energy-efficient as compared to devices used decades ago in our homes.

In this way, the overall expenses are lowered in smart properties in Dubai. When power usage is limited and energy is not being unnecessarily utilized, you tend to save more than you think you would. Another reason to adopt new technology is that potential buyers tend to buy smart homes now. You must focus on new upgrades that can increase the value of your home such as replacing the outdated technology services with modern home technologies.


Nowadays, there are several practical examples of how the modern technology helps homeowners enjoy new trends and have ample time on their hands to pursue a hobby. Yes! With the help of these smart devices and appliances not just properties in Dubai are becoming smart but overall, the quality of life is improved and life has become more enjoyable. 

If you want to live in a smart home in Dubai, you can contact us at +971 4876 2473 or write us your query at to discuss your budget, needs and preferred community in Dubai. We will surely help you find your dream smart home in one of the top communities in Dubai. Till then, follow us to stay updated about trends and happening in the Dubai real estate market.

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