5 New Upgrades that Increase the Value of Your Home

Increase Value of Your Home

Dubai real estate sector is full of options when it comes to buying yourself a home in this emirate. Not just an overwhelming experience that involves several steps but buying a home is an emotional decision too that also brings along a financial obligation and responsibility. A majority of experts believe that home is an asset and investment, so make a good one. It will need regular maintenance and upgrades to help it maintain its value over time and generate enough money to recoup what you are spending on the upgrades from your pocket.

Though the property value depends upon many factors including the location, market dynamics and the economic condition. You must consider all these factors and follow all-important home buying tips by the industry experts before completing this transaction. Do you know that homebuyers can add more value to their homes? Yes! By learning and making upgrades that can add more appeal to your home. 

Though not all home improvement changes will add value to your home but deciding what features to add to your home can be vexing. Below, we have gathered some expert home improvement tips that you can incorporate to give a boost to the value of your home. 

Boost your home’s curb appeal

One of the first home improvement tips that can add significant value to your home is to boost its curb appeal. Re-doing your walkway and adding some colorful pot plants can suddenly uplift the place. Remember that summer in Dubai is harsh so, if you are buying new plants for your home, try to choose drought-tolerant, and succulent plants. These plants require less water and upkeep but can serve the purpose beautifully. 

A few other changes that can uplift a place include adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the roof or the front door. These all things can dramatically transform the appearance of your home and increase its value.

Give a facelift to your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. To maximize your home’s value, adding upgrades to your kitchen is crucial. A majority of property buyers look at the kitchen first and they want an updated kitchen. It is one of the most important home improvement tips that you should not start from scratch to create a whole new kitchen. Start by swapping one item after another such as replacing the sink, changing the cabinet handles and doors, and then start adding new appliances. 

In most cases, a kitchen remodeling usually offers 100 percent or greater returns on your investment and helps elevate the overall structure of your home. 

Add additional space for the home office

Everyone knows the reality of the COVID-19 induced global pandemic, which has left a significant number of people working from home. According to a 2021 survey, more than 60 percentof buyers looked for bigger homes, with more space that can give them the liberty to have a private home office. Nowadays, people care more about an additional room that can be converted into a home office than the location.

Creating a new space designed according to home office needs is going to be a good investment that can earn you back a decent amount of your investment.

Freshen up the interior

Superficial changes to your interior are as important as the exterior amendments to add more to home value. When potential buyers visit a home they are interested in, they would like to envision themselves living in that space. Therefore, upgrading your home’s interior with modern and classic décor items can make your home feel more warm and welcoming. Moreover, it can generate more interest from potential buyers and their families alike. 

A majority of Dubai real estate experts rave about the difference these small interior upgrades and a fresh coat of paint can make. Moreover, it is considered a low-cost home improvement tip.   

Upgrade your home’s technology

With time, home technology systems are improving and becoming more and more sophisticated. In Dubai real estate market, potential buyers and investors tend to buy smart homes. Therefore, consider it one of the most important home improvement tips and focus on replacing outdated technology services with modern home technologies. You can begin with energy-efficient kitchen appliances and then move to other parts of the home. You can replace your cooling appliances or upgrade your home security system – with newer systems offering more safety and comfort to you and the new buyers both. 

Another bonus tip is to look for new high-energy-efficient appliances that are approved by official authorities. Initially, it may cost more to purchase these appliances but they will help you save more in the long run.  

Bonus Tip: De-clutter your place

De-clutter your place

If you are planning to sell your house or even start a home improvement project for your enjoyment, you must begin with cleaning the entire space thoroughly. It can help you see your home in the best possible condition and envision what you must change and what to compromise on. Moreover, it will help you get rid of all the unwanted items that can also dramatically improve the appearance of your home and increase the storage capacity as well. 

Additionally, a neat and clean home can give you a clear headspace and decrease day-to-day anxiety levels. Lastly, it will help you make a realistic financial strategy and the cost of completing home improvement projects.

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