How to Choose the Right Mortgage Lender in Dubai?

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The primary motivation for first-time homebuyers in the UAE to invest in properties for sale in Dubai comes from the conviction that this nation is among the safest and best places in the world. The Dubai real estate has experienced a spectacular recovery due to additional financial and social variables, and it is still expanding, as evidenced by the constantly rising month-over-month transaction volumes. The United Arab Emirates was an early adopter of open-door policies and vigorous vaccination campaigns to attract foreign visitors. 

More people are now prepared to make Dubai their permanent home thanks to new visa regulations, which have increased the city’s attraction to investors. Now is the best moment to buy properties for sale in Dubai, whether you intend to use it as an investment or wish to call this bustling metropolis home.

To instil ease and simplicity in buying properties for sale in Dubai, the emirate offers a mortgage financing facility. Mortgage financing is quite alluring, and for a good reason—it makes it possible for you to purchase your favourite homes at the lowest possible cost. The difficulty in understanding the process, its terminologies, and the computations involved typically becomes a barrier for most candidates.

What is a mortgage loan?

The finest financial instruments for conveniently purchasing properties for sale in Dubai are mortgage loans. A bank, financial institution, or service provider covers a sizeable portion of the cost of any property on behalf of the buyer and receives back over time.

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The buyer must pay the cost of financing and interest in addition to the principal amount. Worldwide, mortgage financing is a common method for purchasing properties for sale in Dubai, and banks provide many lucrative options and services. To better serve their clients, top Dubai real estate developers have also launched their lending services.

Types of mortgage

Different forms of mortgage loans mostly vary in interest rates and how they are calculated. Each type offers unique advantages suitable for various people depending on their financial situation and needs. To get a fundamental idea of each type’s operation and its advantages, let’s take a quick look at it.

A mortgage with fixed rates

The name of this mortgage implies that the interest rate will be fixed for the entire loan term. Your monthly payments (EMIs) will remain the same throughout the repayment process, making it simpler for you to plan, buy properties for sale in Dubai and pay without difficulties.

A mortgage with a variable rate

properties for sale in Dubai

The interest rate fluctuates and is not constant in this form. It adheres to the EIBOR-set interest rate. You never know how much interest you will have to pay in your next EMI. Therefore there is always a surprise element. This is a clear disadvantage. However, it can also be helpful since, occasionally, rates will drop dramatically, saving you a significant amount of money.

Discounted rate mortgage

You can find attractive mortgage rates in this category, but they are only available while supplies last. After that time, the principal amount is subject to a higher interest rate. You can reap the benefits of lower rates for the loan duration if you decide to pay off the loan within the designated discounted period. This mortgage helps save a lot of money in terms of total interest to be paid, even if you have a longer term for loan.

Capped mortgage

This kind of mortgage has an adjustable or variable rate. Although there is a cap on the interest rate, it still uses the EIBOR rate as the foundation for interest calculations. You may manage your finances and buy properties for sale in Dubai by constantly being aware of the maximum EMI you must pay.

Offset mortgage

This type of mortgage financing is new and offered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Changing principle amounts benefit the debtors, affecting the amount of interest paid and the EMI. For instance, the outstanding principle amount will decrease if you deposit a certain amount of money in the same bank. The debtor has a great deal of liberty and control because there are no restrictions on drawing that sum.

How to find the best mortgage lender?

properties for sale in Dubai

Finding a mortgage lender to buy properties for sale in Dubai now is easier than ever. The rates for mortgages are easily accessible online through lender and rate aggregation sites, and many lenders actively promote their websites by posting advertisements that include their rates. Moreover, the UAE government has also announced different schemes to buy properties in Dubai.

 You should look into a mortgage loan thoroughly, and a smart place to start is with the financial institution(s) where you already have an account, as they may have preferential rates and fees for their existing customers. Finding a lender or a website that compiles information on various financial institutions, such as ratings for mortgage brokers and lenders, is a breeze with a simple web search.

Finally, if you’re looking for a lender or broker, you should consult with people you know and those who work in the Dubai real estate industry for recommendations.

Getting ready

  • Make sure you can afford the loan, and the interest rate lenders offer you before you start the application process and look for mortgage pre-approval. If you wish to apply for a mortgage, you should do the following to get ready:
  • Check and hopefully improve your credit score. To get approved for a mortgage, you must check your credit score for at least a few months before applying. You may improve or keep a high credit score by eliminating debt, making payments on-time, and not applying for new lines of credit.
  • You must put money aside for a deposit or down payment. Although a 20% or more down payment is preferred, borrowers with strong credit and reliable income may qualify for loans with as low as a 3% down payment.
  • Making sure your income is consistent. The ability to repay the monthly instalments is a major concern for lenders.

Questions you should ask the mortgage lender

Here are a few things to consider when applying for a mortgage and choosing a lender:

  • When do you think we can expect to see results?
  • Will you be my main point of contact from the beginning through the end, or will someone else handle things once we get to the underwriting stage? 
  • How will we maintain communication?
  • What parts of the process (such as an assessment or a closing) will be handled digitally and will require human interaction?
  • For what period do you suggest locking in an interest rate? Will I be required to pay for a postponement if the closure is delayed beyond the original closing date for reasons beyond my control?
  • How many different loan quotes did you look at before deciding on this one, and what made them the best option for you?

Make sure, your lender delivers the following

properties for sale in Dubai

With mortgage financing options through mortgage lenders, buying properties for sale in Dubai becomes quick and easy. There will be no surprises and hidden costs when it comes to the final bill. The agents will walk you through every step of the procedure and keep you updated every step of the way. 

Ensure your mortgage lender can provide its customers with competitive mortgage rates and terms. Furthermore, access to educated and experienced individuals who will guide you through the entire procedure, ensuring that you have no trouble or problem grasping mortgage rates in Dubai, is a plus. The advantages of hiring a mortgage lender are as follows:

  • Flexible and Convenient Payment Plans 
  • Quick Approvals 
  • Preferred Rates and Terms 
  • Minimal Paperwork

All these initiatives can help make Dubai real estate sector more welcoming for expatriates and foreign investors. If you also intend to invest in this sector, all you need is to work with a professional estate agency and find the right mortgage lender in Dubai to support your property purchase.

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