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Acton - Area Guide

Acton, with more stations than anywhere else in the capital and numerous reconstruction initiatives, is becoming a top tourist destination. The Anglo-Saxon name for Acton comes from the word “oak farm,” and the town’s namesake tree serves as inspiration for many of the town’s architectural features.

Acton is a popular place for families and young professionals to settle because so many of the original Victorian terraced residences have been preserved in the community, and because of the abundance of exciting new entertainment options, unique stores, and excellent educational opportunities available there.

Acton is in the Borough of Ealing in west London, and its location provides easy access to the rest of the city. It is north of Chiswick, east of Ealing, south of Park Royal, and west of Shepherd’s Bush and White City. Acton is known for its hidden gem reputation, attracting Londoners who know they can acquire a lot of room without sacrificing accessibility to the rest of the city and beyond.

There is no scarcity of restaurants or bars in Acton. The various curries at Chapati Club, the boozy Drag brunch at The Aeronaut, and the Italian tapas fare at The Station House’s terrace are all well-regarded in the local culinary community. And that’s not all—Acton is home to a plethora of other eateries and drinking places.

Properties For Sale in Acton

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Key Features of Acton

Acton, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, was a community frequented primarily by the affluent, like a summer retreat. There were only about 250 people living there in the beginning, but that quickly changed as construction began and the first railway station in the area, Acton Central, opened in 1853. Acton was already known as one of the best-connected localities in London by the time the Acton mainline station was constructed in 1868, with 38 trains passing through the area every day.

Now that the industry has moved out, the area is predominantly residential, and a massive revitalization effort is in progress. Construction of brand-new residences continues wherever economic conditions allow. To mention a few, the old town hall has been converted into an apartment building, the post-war Acton Estate is being redeveloped into Acton Gardens, and a “student community” has been established in North Acton along with many other properties for sale in Acton.

It is located only 10 minutes from both Holland Park and Notting Hill, a popular choice for professionals, especially those starting families who want more room and value for their money than they can find in the heart of London. Communities from Australia, South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Ireland have all established themselves in the area, making Acton something of a cosmopolitan hub with a lively, welcoming vibe that has persisted despite the city’s recent rise to prominence.

Acton’s varied real estate is a result of the town’s mixed industrial and residential heritage, consisting of amazing properties for sale for the landlords and homeowners. There are grand Victorian mansions, quaint cottages, towering high-rises, and brand-new constructions in the area, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Large, unique Victorians make Poet’s Corner one of Acton’s most popular areas. All types of renters, from families to professionals, keep an eye out for available properties in this area.

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