Dubai – The World’s Most Popular City-Break Destination

You must have read it time and again but it never sounds boring. Dubai has been ranked the world’s most popular tourist destination for 2022. All thanks to the efforts undertaken by the UAE government to curb the global pandemic, opening the city with utmost safety measures, and instilling confidence in tourists and travellers to visit the country back. And more than anything, giving them a reason to visit Dubai – by holding a successful event of Expo-2020.

What are the ongoing trends?

According to the data released by Bounce for TikTok Travel Index 2022, Dubai emerged as the most-viewed destination on this platform. It is determined from the views for TikTok videos featuring the hashtag “Dubai” reaching over 81.8 billion by far.

Dubai was at the second spot in 2021’s index, but it grabbed the top spot from New York City – showing just how much Dubai has grown in popularity in a year. “Synonymous with wealth and luxury, Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for holidaymakers who want to soak up the sun in style. This ultra-modern city is home to some of the world’s most astounding architectures,” mentioned in the report issued by Bounce – a luggage storage company.

Moreover, Dubai is also ranked one of the best cities to work.

Dubai’s tourism sector rebounded well after pandemic

After the COVID-19 induced global pandemic, Dubai’s tourism sector has flourished well – owing to the successful handling of the pandemic by the UAE government. Dubai also received the highest FDI into the tourism sector in 2021, generating AED6.4 billion foreign investments across 30 projects and creating 5,545 jobs.

Dubai became the top city break destination

Premier Inn conducted a research that revealed Dubai as the most popular city break destination around the world. Home to countless designer outlets, swankiest developments, world-class restaurants, sun-kissed white sandy beaches and pristine islands, the city has become the number one choice for travellers from 21 countries.

Dubai is coveted for its glorious sunshine and glistening, luxurious lifestyle, as stated in Premier Inn findings. 

Dubai is the most popular choice with city break planners from Asia and Africa. Moreover, it is also the most searched destination on Google for people in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Maldives.

These search trends using keyword data from Google – Premier Inn analysed city break search trends from 136 countries. It also analysed the search trends using the keyword “things to do in …” to identify which city was most popular in 2022 for travellers from each country. 

Dubai topped the list of the most popular city break destination around the world. And London became the most visited city for people living in Dubai.

Top 10 city break destinations in the world

  1. Dubai
  2. Paris
  3. Boston
  4. Madrid
  5. Singapore
  6. London
  7. Cape Town
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Buenos Aires 

Paris scored second position in this list, with travellers from 16 countries keen to visit this city. And most of the travellers who visited this French capital, picked this city from the list of cities including Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal.

“City breaks have always remained a great holiday choice for many, with a mix of landmarks, nightlife, history and adventure, travellers can experience a range of different activities within a small area thanks to great transport links, meaning tourists can see more in a shorter time frame,” stated in the Premier Inn report. 

Dubai also topped Traveller’s Choice Awards

Traveller’s Choice Awards publishes the top and best-performing destinations annually by Tripadvisor on the website. According to the Tripadvisor 2022 Travellers’ Choice Awards results, Dubai has scored the top position as the most desirable location to visit around the globe in the year 2022. 

This travel booking and review website has officially revealed “The Best of the Best Destinations”, and Dubai has come out on top, claiming the coveted number one place. Other destinations that competed for the top slot were London, Cancun, Bali, and Paris.  

What makes Dubai the top travel destination?

For a city to be considered the greatest option globally, the Traveller’s Choice Awards include evaluations of places to visit, quality of accommodations and the numbers of activities to engage in while there. 

Though the global pandemic had put a significant impact on tourists in 2021, the city managed to draw people worldwide – thanks to its stellar pandemic management techniques. 

“Dubai is an ultramodern city that has it all: beautiful beaches, world-class food, and magnificent hotels,” said Trip Advisor’s director of media in a statement to CNN Travel.

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