Dubai – The Third Best City for Professionals to Work From Home

Dubai Work From Home

The COVID-19 induced global pandemic was declared at the beginning of 2020. And since then, hundreds of millions of people have learnt a new art of living through lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions. Subsequently, millions had to lose their jobs and countless others have abruptly adopted working from home. With the looming threats of the omicron variant, the future looks uncertain, as we do not know when we will return to the pre-pandemic normal lifestyle. 

Amid the upheaval and the pandemic span, a large number of people started working remotely and continued the practice. The global pandemic has accelerated the existing trends in remote work and according to an estimate, around 25 per cent more workers than previously estimated potentially need to switch occupations to start a new career without leaving the comfort of home. Therefore, it is observed that executives who have the liberty to work from their homes, have migrated to their favourite cities around the world. 

According to Savills:

Savills, a renowned real estate consultancy, has recently conducted research as part of its Impacts 2022 programme and according to that Dubai has ranked among the top three destinations in the world for professionals choosing to work from home.

The vast stretch of white sandy beaches, happening nightlife, the world’s best cuisines, towering skyscrapers and year-round summer are a few things that make life in Dubai appealing. Interestingly, these features are equally attractive for remote workers. 

According to the Savills Executive Nomad Executive, which evaluated the top 15 cities across the world for remote workers – based on air connectivity, internet speed, quality of life, climate and prime rents.

Dubai Ranked Third on Savills

Dubai Ranked Third on Savills Executive Nomad Index

In Executive Nomad Index, Dubai has ranked third out of fifteen cities, based on providing favourable settings for professionals on a long-term basis.

“Remote working enabled business owners from abroad to make Dubai their main hub,” Helen Tatham, the head of residential community sales and leasing at Savills Dubai said. “In 2020, rents and sales volumes saw a record increase since 2014, driven both by existing tenants who wanted to make Dubai their permanent home, and by an influx of new residents.”

“UK nationals have long favoured Dubai for holiday and work, but the market also benefited from new demand from French, German, Swedish and Swiss buyers.”

Note: Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and Miami, USA hold the first and second positions on the index, respectively. The Algarve region, in the south of Portugal and Barbados in the Caribbean, followed the fourth and fifth position on the ranking table. 

Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Saint Lucia, Malta and Antigua & Barbuda also made it to the top 10 positions in the index. 

This all has become possible due to the work flexibility offered during the global pandemic. Resultantly, a large number of remote workers shifted from their cities of stay to their favourite places around the world.

What do the Top Cities on the Index Offer to the Remote Workers?

Besides offering a conducive work environment to the remote workers, all the countries on the Savills Executive Nomad Index either offer a digital nomad visa programme or when it comes to the USA and European countries, they are part of an economic coalition – under which, the residents can enjoy free movement in the territory.

“The modern executive nomad can enjoy flexible working space while living far away from his/her home country. All these remote can always stay connected through Zoom calls from the home office and can fly back for any important meeting,” says Paul Tostevin, the head of Savills World Research.

Dubai Remote Workers

“Provided travel connections are good and high-speed internet is reliable, individuals and families are motivated to relocate and are placing a greater emphasis on health, wellness and overall lifestyle.”

Dubai topped the index for air connectivity – with the emirates’ airlines reaching more than 100 countries.

The UAE Designed New Legislation

The UAE has designed legislation to attract foreign remote workers. Seeing the COVID-19 induced flexibility, the country has already announced a one-year residency permit for remote workers last year to attract new talent to the region. Under this visa programme, the professionals can live in the Emirates while continue working for their employers in their home countries. 

This programme also offers remote workers and their families an opportunity to re-locate to Dubai and enjoy all the benefits that resident expatriates enjoy such as access to healthcare facilities and schools for their children (if any).

Requirements to Be Eligible to Apply for This Visa:

To be eligible, you must have:

  • A passport with at least 6 months’ validity
  • Health insurance with the UAE cover validity
  • Proof of employment 
  • One year contract validity from current employer
  • A minimum of $5,000 per month salary
  • Three months’ bank statement
  • Salary statement as a proof

This visa programme costs $287 per person per year along with medical insurance with valid UAE cover and a processing fee.

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