Comparative Analysis of Villas VS Apartments in Dubai for Living

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“Villas vs. apartments in Dubai – which is better?” This is the most frequently asked question, when it comes to renting, buying or investing in Dubai real estate sector. Dubai real estate sector boasts a diverse range of properties, but apartments and villas are one of the most popular options with investors, residents and tenants alike. Choosing between an apartment and a villa seems to be an easy option but the choice will ultimately redefine your lifestyle. 

Moreover, both apartments and villas can be differentiated based on construction and architectural styles, locations across the city and different budget brackets. These all factors play an important role while renting or buying a villa or apartment in Dubai. To give you a definite answer, we have compiled a list of all necessary pointers that can help you make a decision.

Factors to consider before deciding between apartments and villas in Dubai

Before you decide to buy an apartment in Downtown Dubai or plan living in a villa in Dubai Hills Estate, take a look at the following decisive factors.


Budget is the most important factor in deciding between a villa and an apartment in Dubai. Generally, apartments tend to have lower asking prices than villas in Dubai because villas are comparatively bigger in size and offer more space and privacy to the residents. Moreover, villas are detached and offer additional external space in form of a terrace, driveway, car porch and garden. Luxury villas also boast private swimming pools in addition to several premium facilities.

Apartments in Dubai

Another point that you must bear in mind is that demand for villas in Dubai has tremendously increased after the COVID-19 induced global pandemic. The trend is translated in form of far higher prices of villas than apartments in Dubai, since the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, the initial thing to figure out when choosing between an apartment and a villa is how much you are ready to spend.


Location is another crucial factor to consider while deciding which properties to buy or rent in Dubai. Every new community in Dubai is planned to offer premium facilities and a diverse selection of properties. However, a major differentiation between residential projects is their location. For instance, a few neighbourhoods like Downtown Dubai, Bur Dubai, Business Bay, and Dubai Marina are known for their strategic location and diverse property options. On the other hand, suburban communities like Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Village Circle also offer a mix of properties for sale in Dubai. 

Whether you want to rent or buy an apartment in Dubai, make sure you conduct a thorough search of the neighbourhoods and measure their proximity to the key destinations. 


What is your preferred lifestyle option? Are you looking for a convenient lifestyle or prefer privacy over anything else? If your choice is convenience, apartments for sale in Dubai are likely to suit your lifestyle. The majority of apartment developments are centrally located and are readily available in almost every part of the emirate. Moreover, the established areas also feature commercial units, schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. It means you will find several lifestyle facilities in proximity to your residence. 

On the contrary, if you prefer privacy over convenience – a villa in Dubai must be your choice. Villas are mostly detached or semi-detached, located in gated communities in Dubai and offer premium facilities to the residents. Moreover, villas are suitable for bigger families where every family member has his own private space along with access to several other facilities within the home.

Maintenance cost

Apartments in Dubai

When it comes to buying a property for sale in Dubai, it’s not just the final sales price that you will have to pay but you will have to take additional expenses into account. Remember, the cost of living varies from property to property and area to area. Considering the square footage, villas comprise a bigger space, which means the upkeep price of villas in Dubai is relatively higher than apartments. It also means that you will have to invest a higher amount to furnish a villa than an apartment.

Another important pointer to consider is the energy cost before buying a villa or apartment in Dubai. Utility bills will always be higher for villas – especially during the peak summer season, when you cannot spend the time without air conditioning. Moreover, the activation charges required to set up a DEWA connection are also different for villas and apartments. The security deposits for a DEWA connection for a villa is AED4,000 and for an apartment is AED2,000. Several other hidden costs must also be considered when deciding on the budget before renting or buying an apartment.

Communal facilities

Again it’s all about your convenience and privacy. A majority of apartment developments in Dubai boast a number of high quality communal facilities including a fully-equipped gym, community hall, swimming pool and/or spa for the residents. In most cases, these facilities are free for residents. Another notable feature of several apartment developments is the availability of convenience stores, either on the ground floor or within a short walking distance.

On the contrary, villas offer more freedom, more space and more privacy but it all adds more to your responsibilities. For instance, you will have to install security devices for your peace of mind, manage your maintenance and pay extra for facilities like gym, spa, swimming pool and entertainment options. Most of the villas in Dubai are located on the outskirts of the city, so you will have to bear higher fuel costs for your commute to work or other key destinations in the emirate.


Choosing between a villa and an apartment in Dubai is all about your personal choice that revolves around budget and lifestyle. Villas in Dubai are more suitable for bigger families, who want a tranquil lifestyle and independence and are also ready to pay higher prices for everything. Apartments in Dubai are the right choice for small families and young professionals, who have just landed here and want to enjoy their life.

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