7 Home improvement Tips to Tidy Up Your Place

Home Improvement Tips

According to psychologists; nothing says “I have my life together” like an organized space. It does not just look appealing but can deeply impact your mental health. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a clean and organized place. On the contrary; do you feel like tidying up isn’t your thing? Mostly because tried and tested organization tricks don’t work for your home. You may think that you own your stuff at this stage but it actually owns you. 

No matter, whether you hire an interior designer or a professional organizer; if it will remain disorganized it cannot leave a lasting impression on the visitors or make a difference to its appearance. You need a system to organize your home and your efficiency is the battle cry to tackle this situation. We have created an organization plan that you can follow step by step and organize your home room by room. 

Tried and tested home organization tips

Here are a few pro home organizing ideas, which can help you efficiently manage your day-to-
day life and take back control.

Remember the 3Rs

Reduce: Reduce what you already have. It means to cut back on the amount of clutter or trash you generate. It is the basics of every home décor plan and a direct approach to an organized home.

Reuse: First you buy less! And when you have less, you will discover creative ways to use these things. Utilize it in maximum ways before being thrown away.

Recycle: It means to turn something old into something useful. If you do not have something, do not rush to buy more but come up with different ways to replace a certain thing with an existing possession.

Home décor and organization can be a cathartic exercise but if you can adopt several extensive measures to stage your home before putting it on the market to sell it fast. 

Start in one place

Keeping these above-mentioned pointers in mind you can start organizing your place one place at a time. Even if your entire home is unorganized – start with one place. Picking an area depends upon you – whether you want to start with the pantry, storage space, closets or living room that your guests have easy see to. Whatever your priorities are – select one area and complete it before moving on to the next.

Many attempts at home décor or home organization fail because the task of cleaning up the entire house seems overwhelming.

Create labels for everything

home improvement tips

It is not wrong that creating labels to organize your things in a home has stood the test of time. A majority of interior designers in Dubai agree that it is one of the most favourite and most admired tips for home organization. You can create labels for anything – for clear bins, transparent boxes, baskets, inside drawers and file covers – in short, anywhere. The idea behind creating these labels is not just for home décor but to organize and encourage other family members to return items where they belong. All you need is a marker or tape to do the trick.

If you want customized labels, you can take help from interior designers in Dubai. Otherwise, several professional label makers can do this job and help you achieve what you look for to organize and beautify your properties in Dubai

Forget creating Pinterest-worthy corners

Being organized does not mean creating a social media influencer-approved corner in your home. Interior designers are there to undertake creative projects but if you have started organizing your home on your own, you need not be crafty like what you see online. For instance, getting a dozen of mason jars and gluing them together on a shelf above your TV unit – considering it makes a cute storage option for small items. Though you may think that it looks cute but it’s a lot of work! Is it worth it? Will it make your life easier?

Find the easiest solutions to your organizing and home décor projects – and not the most creative ones. Leave these creative projects to interior designers and professionals and you do the basic job.

Create an electronic hub

home improvements in DUbai

Have a fixed place for all of your mobile electronic devices like iPads, phones, laptops and other devices. Do not have plugs and cables scattered around every switchboard in the kitchen, bedroom and living room. If you are living in a duplex property in Dubai, you can fix two spots at each level but if you are living in a one or two bedroom apartment, have just one place in the home to store them and recharge them. For storage, you can fix a sliding drawer next to the electric socket under the side table. You can arrange one or two ottomans around that table but keep it all in one place. 

Keep the charging station stocked with all types of chargers, wireless chargers, remotes and earphones – so that no one will wander around the house for any such item. If you live in a small place like a studio, you can take certain steps to make a studio apartment look bigger and appear more organized. 

If you don’t use it, lose it

It seems like a harsh home organization tip for hoarders by any professional interior designer in the world – but it is amazing. For instance, clothes hanging in your cupboard that are there for months (or sometimes years) and collect dust but you never thought of getting rid of them because it was too expensive or you dreamed to wear them again after shedding several kilos. A gift that you did not appreciate but now feel obligated to keep forever high in the closet or a few books that you have already read but do not feel like giving up. 

If you have a pile of such things that you have stopped using long ago – be honest with yourself. Use it or lose it. Your home represents you and it must be filled with things that you actually use and love and not with items that are just there.

Create a bye-bye box

As we have mentioned at the beginning to start from one place, complete it and move to the next. For instance, if you are organizing and decorating your home office space and unable to take out the clutter because every item seems useful. Create a bye-bye box for your desk and take all the supplies from your home office and put them into the box. As you will start working in that room more often, you will find out what you actually use and what has never been taken out from that box.

We do not always suggest throwing things away but instead of discarding them, you can donate them to your colleagues, younger siblings or a friend. 

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