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Five days off, a weekend this long, is fantastic news for the UAE residents. No need to rub your eyes—you read that correctly. Now just gear yourself up and start planning your greatest Eid Al Adha activities in Dubai.

There are many activities to do this Eid Al Adha. You will need every spare moment to fit everything in, from eid celebrations, fantastic staycations, and thrilling activities to fine dining. Oh, and as for the introverts or the people who are not very outdoorsy, Dubai has some interesting indoor activities for you guys too.

So, are you ready?

With the month of July drawing nearer, it appears as though a five-day weekend is just around the corner. This means that you’re enthralling family and holiday time is merely a few days away. Whether you are travelling alone, with the whole family, or with a group of friends, this list will help you create some joyful memories.  So let’s get started!

Splash and Dive in Wild Wadi Waterpark!

Since its opening in 1999, Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai has delighted visitors and people of all ages through its water fun activities. The park’s 30 rides and attractions are based on Juha, a beloved figure from Arabian folklore, and have been renovated over the years. Take a leisurely stroll along the river or be ready for huge drops and dips at Tantrum Alley’s frenzied tornado theme. Wipeout is a place for the bold and daring may pick. At Wipeout, more than seven tonnes of water is thrown out on a thin sheet across a moulded foam framework. This creates a genuine wave effect that is perfect for body- and knee-boarding.


Waterparks in Dubai

Aquaventure is one of the most well-known water parks in the city. The Poseidon and Neptune towers, which are joined by a huge lazy river that shuttles guests between the slides, are where you will find some of the most thrilling rides. The park offers a variety of options for thrill-seekers, including Poseidon’s Revenge and the Leap of Faith. The former traps passengers inside a transparent vertical tube and releases them when the trap door opens, sending them tumbling toward the ground. Only people with exceptionally strong stomachs dare to attempt the latter.


Enjoy the outdoors at AquaFun, the largest inflatable waterpark. There are 74 games to play along this entertaining floating obstacle course, which is 2,700 square metres in size. One of the most recognisable aspects of the floating park, a well-liked tourist attraction, is that it spells out “Dubai” in pink and blue. AquaFun, which is open all year long, also has many ramps, steps, and leaps, some of which are the longest and highest in the world. However, you might want to be careful around those tricky monkey bars.

After all the thrilling fun, satiate your hunger pangs!

Restauraunts in Dubai


Amazónico, which frequently appears on the list of Dubai’s top eateries, is one of the most well-liked spots for dinner and drinks. This flora-packed restaurant is a dreamy date night place beneath a chandelier of twinkling lights equipped with 22 kinds of preserved plants. Think of a diverse cuisine of Latin American-inspired small plates, sushi, seafood, and barbecues; all washed down with a creative mixed drink selection.

BB Social Dining 

This odd financial district restaurant that would not look out of place in midtown Manhattan combines the best of the East and the West. It feels like a New York townhouse, with its three stories and wrought iron spiral staircase, and its menu, a dizzying mash-up of Middle Eastern and Asian foods, is appropriately avant-garde. Where else might you find tahini-dipped cauliflower popcorn?

Long Teng 

It has been said that you should not judge a book by its cover and nowhere is that more true than in the case of this excellent Chinese restaurant, which is tucked away in a mundane office building in Business Bay. The bright, airy area is dominated by an aquarium with lobster, crab, and king prawns, which is popular with kids even if it serves the much more important purpose of letting you choose your own cuisine. There is a sizable, genuinely Chinese menu to treat your taste buds and hunger pangs.

You do not have to stay at your air-conditioned home just because Dubai experiences sweltering temperatures in the summer. If you are not fond of the sun, then pump some adrenaline into indoor activities.

Plan an amazing summer and create some joyful memories now that the city is filled with many intriguing indoor activities.

These are the best indoor activities in Dubai, whether you want to challenge your athletic prowess or wow the family with a fun adventure.

 Indoor Activities

Dubai Mall

 Dubai Aquarium and Water Zoo

At the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Downtown Dubai, you can feel the true thrill of the wild while getting up close to some of nature’s most stunning species. Take on a shark encounter. Here you will be dropped into the aquarium tank’s depths (within a cage) as 300 of the amazing animals’ crowd around you in preparation for feeding time. You can also get to know the aquarium’s resident crocodile, which is more than five metres long and weighs 750 kilogrammes. It is thought to be one of nature’s rarest reptiles. If that seems a little overwhelming, you can take in the wonder of the piranhas, crabs, water rats, and throngs of fish that live in the enormous tank within The Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall

There is only one method to ensure that things immediately cool down when the outside temperature becomes a little too high. Visit the Olympic-sized skating rink at The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai. On Dubai’s most well-liked ice rink, people of all ages may move around, have fun, and improve their skating skills. Additionally, it is a great justification for dusting up your winter clothing. Your snowy fantasies will come true thanks to the artificial snowflakes falling from the mall’s rooftop.

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed reading our selection of things to do on this Eid-ul-Adha with your friends and loved ones. Do share your favourite activity with us!

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