The Good and The Bad About Living in Dubai

Properties in Dubai

Being an emirate of sweltering summers, glistening skies and princely sands, Dubai is also a name of riveting excitement, enthralling water fun, and adrenaline-pumping experiences. 

Undoubtedly, the emirates share several attributes. However, each of these creatively developed cities possesses a unique quality which sets them apart from each other.  Despite not being the capital of its country, Dubai has established itself as a major economic and cultural hub.

Dubai in a Glimpse

Considered as a symbol of prosperity and compassion, the city prides itself in keeping its individuality and being at the forefront of progressive growth.

Within the last decade, the city has shifted its economy from being centred on oil to one driven by innovation and creativity. This ideology has given it the boost to become a regional hub for the airline, retail, logistics, and banking industries which, consequently, has urged the expats to get settled in the emirate. 

The expat-friendly emirate 

Just the name of the city conjures up images of nightlife, international festivities, beautiful skylines, shiny skyscrapers, picturesque beaches and oh yes, the rich Sheikhs. With these attractions, Dubai has become a cultural hub of expats where they can prosper professionally and grow personally.  Moving to Dubai could be one of the best decisions of your life. But like any foreign land, getting settled in Dubai might be stressful and overwhelming if you do not have the basic knowledge.

Expats in the United Arab Emirates and, more specifically, Dubai, may look forward to some exciting new developments beginning in 2022. The good and the bad, the old and the new, of living in Dubai will be discussed, along with helpful suggestions on residency, taxation, education, health care, and much more. 

The Good About Living in Dubai

Education – sowing seeds for the future

Education in Dubai

As a popular hub for expats working in every field imaginable, Dubai offers an array of educational options for children. That said, the expat parents can find affordable and high-quality-education-providing schools. This can be done by devoting significant time to researching, contacting, and applying to potential schools.

Undoubtedly, Dubai has made tremendous strides in the education sector. During the mid of last century, there were very few formal schools, and only in urban areas. By the 1970s, the literacy rate was 54% and 31% among women and men respectively. Surprisingly, today, rates among both genders are nearly 95%.

Low taxes and high income – you can have it all

lox taxes in Dubai

While Dubai does impose an alcohol tax, it is well known for shunning the traditional method of replenishing the state’s coffers by taking income tax from the expats and citizens. Due to the larger income and the fact that they can keep it all, has made Dubai a magnet for expats.

Promising career growth prospects – Keep climbing up the professional success ladder

Dubai Career Growth

Dubai is a burgeoning city where you can build a bright future for your professional life. You also do not need much to start a business in Dubai because of the city’s resources and development in technology, communication, and labour.  Since the emirate is swarmed by the expats, it has become quite easy to establish international connections with people from all around the world. So when are you moving to Dubai to jump on the bandwagon of successful professional life?

Engulf yourself in the serenity of world-class accommodation facilities 

Properties in Dubai

First things first, you need to find suitable housing options when moving in Dubai. And Dubai never fails to live up to your expectations for housing.

The majority of the apartments in Dubai are brand-new and equipped with the latest amenities. For expats, it is quite advantageous because these apartments are available on short-term leases or rent.

Dubai Marina, known as the “expat bubble,” is where most people choose to live in Dubai. However, you have the option of residing in a historic neighbourhood like Deira in Dubai.  There are several other communities that are well-liked among expats as locations to live, including Dubai Creek Harbour, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay and Emaar Beachfront etc.

Commute safely and timely through a well-developed transportation system

Transporation in Dubai

To cater the dense expat population, Dubai has developed an efficient public transportation system. Trains, buses, cabs, and even metro transportation are widely available throughout the city. In comparison to the majority of other large cities throughout the world, less taxi fare is charged in Dubai. Most of Dubai’s stations have feeder buses available. You can also take the metro for a quick and secure ride around the city.

If you choose to use Dubai’s public transportation system instead of your car, you will significantly save a huge chunk of your salary figure. To control their costs and the level of traffic on the highways, the expats are strongly advised to use public transportation.

Expat-friendly Dubai real estate investment opportunities

Expats in Dubai

When it comes to investment, Dubai real estate is quite burgeoning. Offering a wide range of properties for sale in Dubai, including homes and opulent villas this emirate has become a real estate investment hub. Many people have been considering investments in Dubai ever since the Dubai government amended the legislation to let foreigners to purchase properties in Dubai.

Purchasing properties in Dubai has several advantages for foreigners due to the enormous potential for return on investment.

For future investment, Dubai offers thousands of properties. These consist of single-family residences, condominiums, apartment complexes, and villas. You must take the time to research the significant possibilities if you are interested in investing in Dubai real estate.

One of the best things about investing in the Dubai real estate market is the abundance of condos, homes, apartments, and other residential types that are accessible to suit everyone’s needs. Additionally, it means that people are not compelled to accept homes that may not fit their preferences or their budget. The Dubai real estate market has drawn a lot of interest from foreign investors who favour making investments in high-yield and high-income buildings. These Dubai properties are located in prestigious areas including Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Hills and Emaar Beachfront

The Bad Side of Living in Dubai

No place comes without at least a few cons. In Dubai, there are not too many things we can deem as a disadvantage. So here are just three major challenges you will most likely face.

Living here involves a lot of paperwork

paperwork in Dubai

When you are moving into Dubai, you will undoubtedly have to deal with paperwork, documents validation, SIM card activation and a lot more.

The language barrier can make it challenging at times to complete all of these obligations. You must thus seek the advice of a top bureaucratic agency to guide you through these processes.

Sweltering summer heat

Summer Heat in Dubai

From May to September, Dubai is very hot, with a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. For immigrants from cold countries, this might be extremely uncomfortable.

Be prepared to spend the most of the day inside air-conditioned rooms if you live in Dubai. The summer is unbearably hot and frequently interrupted by dust storms. However, Dubai offers plenty of enthralling splashy aquafun activities to beat the summer heat!

So once you get used to the heat of Dubai, everything will improve. Probably the hardest challenge you will encounter is this one.

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