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CREEK HARBOUR luxury properties

Luxury Living In Dubai – A Tour of the Most Exclusive Projects

Dubai is the eponymous capital of the seven emirates, offering extravagant elegance, modern, high-tech facilities, and the classic old-world charm. This emirate, which spans the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, is well known throughout the world as the vibrant centre of global trade and innovation. Dubai combines timeless tradition with a futuristic mindset, from the surreal splendour of the...

Sobha Hartland II

Lifting The Veil From Sobha Hartland II – The Pulsating Centre of Dubai

Sobha Realty, headquartered in Dubai, arguably the new world's luxury capital, brings you an exquisite, opulent and rare collection of coveted real estate at the world's most sought-after locations, offering unrivalled experiences for those who seek the cream of the crop, including an eclectic gathering of royalty and modern-day czars. These buildings, developments, neighbourhoods, and complexes,...

Real Estate In Dubai

Ready vs Off-Plan Properties in Dubai – What is better option?

In today’s market, buying a property in Dubai is dubbed as the best investment option. Several real estate investment trends are changed over the years such as should we buy a property with a mortgage loan or buy with full cash payment, or should we invest in buy-to-let property for steady income or invest in any property, hold it for a while and sell it against any profit margin. However, the most...

Dubai Old vs New Dubai - Sheikh zayed road

Dubai Before and After – All Roads lead to Dubai

What comes to mind when someone mentions Dubai – the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, a major tourist hotspot, or a business hub? Well, the fact of the matter is Dubai is all three and much more. With humble beginnings, as is the case of most of the cities in the oil-rich Middle East, the Dubai of today is a far-cry from what it was a few decades ago. Currently, this city is one of the most...

Emirates Hills Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate – The Emirate of Gold to offer “Gold Living”

According to a recent estimate, Dubai's top residential market would have a robust double-digit price rise and take the lead among all markets in 2023. According to Knight Frank's 2023 Prime Predictions, prices in prime residential areas, which include the neighbourhoods of Al Furjan, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Bay Island and Emirates Hills are expected to rise by 13.5% in 2023. This will be the strongest...

Why invest in Dubai real estate

Why You Must Invest in Dubai?

Being one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dubai boasts a thriving economy, an unrivalled property portfolio with positive value appreciation and higher rental yields, an unparalleled lifestyle, a strategic geographical location, diverse culture and rich maritime history. Following the announcement of the foreign property ownership decree in 2002, the city witnessed a massive construction boom...

Villa and Townhouse Communities in Dubai

Top Five Villas and Townhouses Communities in Dubai

Dubai, seductively vibrant, is home to some of the most distinctive and contemporary attractions in the world. The concrete jungle is known for its floral extravaganza, artificial archipelago, sprawling green pathways, gold dunes, and magnificent skyline. There are fine villas and townhouses for sale in Dubai. From the beaches that flank the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and are bathed in sunshine...

Home Staging Tips Dubai

10 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

Undoubtedly the beachfront properties in Dubai speak volumes in terms of attraction and are a seller themselves. Still, you need to follow a few home staging tips to further enhance the look and elevate the chances of selling in a jiffy. People who wish to sell their home in Dubai Creek Harbour or Emaar Beachfront, it is implied that they expect to get the asked price for their property. Well, getting you...

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