New York vs. Dubai – Where to invest in real estate?

Where to invest?

When it comes to real estate investment in a foreign country, capital appreciation or Returns on Investment (ROI) is the biggest deciding factor. In today’s blog, we will compare Dubai real estate with the New York realty market – to identify the top profit-generating market, where you should park your hard-earned money.


Why Dubai is the right city to invest in real estate?

Real estate is a volatile investment vehicle and the COVID-19 induced global pandemic had hindered its normal growth. Generally speaking, 2022 brought prosperity and relief to global realty markets and if the official statistics released by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) are to be believed, Dubai is finally getting back on the road of recovery.

Thanks to the number of reforms introduced by the Dubai government, investors’ protection laws, the introduction of the Golden Visa, Expo 2020 and the utmost dedication of officials – the city has successfully shaken off the effects of the pandemic. Before you pull the trigger and pick an option to invest in Dubai real estate, let’s analyse this sector in depth.

  • Due to its high-end lifestyle and world-class facilities, people from all around the world come to settle down in Dubai. And most of these expatriates prefer living in rental properties, so investing in buy-to-let properties in Dubai offers stable and higher rental yields.
  • According to a few recent years statistics, property prices has been showing a steady increase and the trend is on-going. However, if Dubai property prices are compared with several other established realty markets around the world such as the UK, Miami, and New York – property prices are substantially lower.
  • Dubai is not entirely a tax-free country but real estate investment is an attractive investment sector, as it allows you to manage your finances and it also does not come with standard property taxes and stamp duties. Isn’t it a great relief and the biggest advantage as compared to other markets such as the USA real estate?
  • If we are asked to choose a place to live, I believe safety is the top-most factor to be considered. Dubai is one of the safest cities, with excellent connectivity, a growing economy, and strong infrastructure. All these factors altogether play an important role in paving the way for Dubai to be a successful global hub.
  • Dubai is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, which has successfully regained its crown after the global pandemic. Expo 2020 has recently attracted a large number of international tourists. With higher demand for rental properties including offices, high-end apartments and hospitality sectors – the Dubai real estate market has been flourishing well.

New York Real Estate

Why New York is the right city to invest in real estate?

New York City is an established realty market and a significantly developed city. It is the most populated city in the United States and encompasses the island of Manhattan and land on Long Island – most of which is known as Brooklyn. Spread over 305 sq. m., the city is an art, cultural, and theatrical centre. In terms of investing in New York, let’s find out the stark differences between both cities.

  • The real estate market is not just attractive but comes with a myriad of options – dotted across the city. The market is mature and expensive, with property prices increasing substantially.
  • New York is a city with a long history and period buildings and when an investor thinks of investing in real estate, New York City is one of the top choices.
  • Moreover, it is not just about the city, apartments in New York are world-class. These residential options have modern layouts and are complemented with premium facilities and contemporary amenities.
  • In order to get a green card or the USA nationality, an investor needs to invest between US$500,000 and $1 million. An investor needs to create at least 10 jobs through the investment.


Both cities have proved to be the best investment choice and investment in every city has its perks. Seasoned investors may choose the New York realty market but Dubai real estate is suitable for newbie investors as property prices are lower as compared to established markets and it offers complete security.

Flexible investment options coupled with lower property prices and higher rental yields, Dubai has gradually become one of the top global real estate markets. Despite the global pandemic, the city’s realty market proved to be resilient. With a number of available investment options and countless opportunities in 2022, it seems to be the best time to start your investment journey in Dubai real estate market.

Do you need any help regarding real estate investment in Dubai?

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