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Known for its ground-breaking structural arrangements, modern architecture, and aesthetically designed and man-made islands, Emaar Beachfront has become the hotbed for innovative infrastructure. With bold shaped Museum of the Future, unparalleled Skyscraper Burj Khalifa and several other iconic buildings, the emirate has gone through a veritable urbanization. 

When it comes to real estate development, Dubai has always been at the top of the list. Its innovative solutions to the challenges have led to exceptional residential and commercial developments and cutting-edge real estate services. The astounding vision and devoted and creative efforts have led to the amazing and inventive constructions of globally iconic neighbourhoods.

And this simply does not stop here. The emirate has introduced sprawling green pathways on its princely sands. It has introduced housing communities parallel to the crystal blue waters and over glistening shores. Emaar Beachfront is the name of such residential neighbourhood. 

Emaar Beachfront – A supremely designed neighbourhood

Here the sea greets you every morning, and pristine white sand glistens under the sparkling sun and welcomes you home. Your Emaar Beachfront apartment is undoubtedly a statement address in Dubai. Awaken your senses with every breath and rejuvenate your soul in the tranquility of the sea as you redefine your exceptional lifestyle, overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea at Emaar Beachfront.

Emaar Beachfront apartments offer lucrative investment opportunities with the option to reside within close-knit communities. It helps you lead a more relaxed lifestyle across the balanced work-life dimensions in an urban setting. Swiftly becoming a tourist retreat, Emaar beachfront properties offer a vacation experience without getting on a plane. This is fuelling an increase in demand for waterfront properties. Property investors have the luxury of choice thanks to outstanding mega-projects providing an all-inclusive beach resort experience with water-based activities!

Emaar Beachfront Apartments – A true beach style living experience

Within Dubai Harbour, the new maritime core of the UAE is the premium residential neighbourhood of Emaar Beachfront. The carefully master-planned Emaar Beachfront apartments exemplify the rare combination of urban convenience and tranquilly afforded by its seaside setting.

Emaar Beachfront Apartments

Spanning across an area of about 1,000,000 square metres, Emaar Beachfront is one of the finest off-plan developments. The community has ten thousand apartments, which are located in twenty-seven separate buildings. Across the entire Emaar Beachfront community, a large Boulevard features a wide variety of shops, stylish eateries, and hip coffee houses with other beach sports and resort-style amenities.

You may enjoy various recreational activities thanks to the convenience of being close to Dubai’s finest restaurants, yacht clubs, and beaches, as well as the city’s many upscale retail complexes. There is a reliable public transportation system in the neighbourhood. The most renowned Sheikh Zayed Road is easily accessible from here, through which you can reach all of Dubai’s major landmarks. Exuding luxury, exquisiteness and vibrant fun of beach, Emaar Beachfront offers high-end properties for sale in Dubai to anyone in the market in search of premium residences.

Dubai real estate’s investment climate

Dubai’s residential neighbourhoods have felt the effects of recent efforts to foster isolation. The Dubai real estate market is currently working to keep up with the rising demand for turnkey housing options. The most sought-after properties for sale in Dubai are either parallel with the crystal blue waters or in secluded settings close to amenities like sprawling lush green parks.

In tune with the times, Emaar Beachfront properties strike a fine balance between cost and other factors like quality and world-class amenities.

Salient features of Emaar Beachfront properties:

  • High profitability rates
  • Fast ROI
  • Convenient access to public facilities
  • Developed infrastructure of the community itself and the area as a whole
  • Easily accessible shopping centres, cafes, and restaurants
  • Accommodation with sea view

Emaar Beachfront property is designed and developed so that residents have ample room to work devotedly, socialize, get entertained and most importantly experience seclusion beside the tranquil waters. In Emaar Beach Front apartments, each element aesthetically blends utility and simplicity of everyday life with the elegance, poise and polish of a high-end home.

Are these investments worthy of your hard-earned earnings? The answer is a big yes!

If talking about real estate investing, there is no other place like Dubai. This emirate has the tallest buildings, the most amazing sights, modern infrastructure and luxurious architecture. According to the ex-pats, it is the finest city to reside in the UAE.

Advantages of investing in Emaar Beachfront 

Ever since Emaar Beachfront Apartments’ introduction to the Dubai property market, it has attracted significant capital – all thanks to its appealing aesthetics. Discover Dubai’s most exclusive island, where the open sea and the blue sky are extensions of one another, where world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options are just a short stroll away, and where the sound of the waves lapping against the coast makes every moment serene and lovely.  These are the reasons you should put your money into ready and off-plan properties in Emaar beachfront.

The pinnacle of beachfront lifestyle

Every day is a beach day at Emaar Beachfront. Taking long, relaxing strolls along the beach daily will help you forget your worries. Invest now if you are interested in a luxurious lifestyle or waking up to the sound of the sea every day.

Investments with a high rate of return

The Beach Vista and Elie Saab apartments at Emaar Beachfront are excellent options for investors seeking great returns on their money.

Reverie of a location

The site lies midway between the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Malls, yacht clubs, and restaurants are within easy reach of the area’s residents. Residents can go around the city quickly and effortlessly because of the proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road.

The views you deserve!

The sweet life begins with a stunning view, in a location where everything you desire is mere a stroll away. Here a city experience can begin as soon as you get in your car, with quick access to Dubai Marina and Sheikh Zayed Road. It is a place where top retail and dining establishments serve to your every need; and where you can step outside your home and mesmerize yourself onto a spotless beach.

The blend of seaside harmony and unparalleled amenities 

With the powdery beach beckoning you on the side, living in Beach Mansion offers you world-class amenities, complete with all the benefits that come from being in the centre of Emaar Beachfront. From premiere restaurants to elegant cafes and retail stores, Emaar Beachfront caters the needs to residents of all ages and interests.


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