Dubai’s Museum of the Future – An Architectural Marvel With Futuristic Experience

museum of the future

Dubai is globally recognized for everything marvellous, ostentatious, and splendid; be it the world’s tallest tower, the world’s largest mall, or one of the most unique architects. And now, through the Museum of the Future, Dubai has given another reason to the global tourists to visit this city and admire its unique architecture. Everyone is captivated by its stunning calligraphic exterior and wondering what is inside that will make it different from other museums.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has also shared a new first look inside the Museum of the Future on his Instagram account. Before you start guessing about its interior, a few more images and videos are released showcasing the interior of the museum – and it is not anything like an ordinary museum.

museum of the future

Museum of the Future promises a unique experience

After observing its calligraphic exterior, people may relate it to Islamic culture and religious revelations only but the Museum of the Future is far more than this. It is designed to focus and merge science, technology, and the environment under immersive surroundings that can tap into all five senses.

The project aims to transport you to the future and imagine what the world will be like 50 years from now and completely change the perception of the future.

Museum of the Future – All about its design and architecture

Nestled in the heart of Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, in proximity to Burj Khalifa, the museum does not just showcase an upscale exterior but boasts a futuristic approach, too. Museum of the Future is designed by architecture studio “Killa Design” and the credit goes to Shaun Killa who came up with a futuristic design to represent the spirit of Dubai. Arabic calligraphy was artistically designed by an Emirati artist – Mattar bin Lahej and the entire structure was engineered by Buro Happold.

The Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has dubbed it as “the most beautiful building on Earth” and considered it a representation of the revival of Arab excellence in the field of design, science, mathematics and research. The entire building is made of stainless steel and glass – based on 1,024 separate panels, each one is created to the finest precision by robots and algorithms. No two panels are alike because they are manufactured only after being sure about the design and measurements.

Museum of the Future boasts a torus-shaped stainless steel structure that is 77 metres tall – featuring an Arabic poem written by the ruler of Dubai about the emirate’s futuristic approach and also functions like windows. The Arabic transcript is made of fire-retardant composite panels embedded in stainless steel and every piece is uniquely designed.

Note: The Museum of the Future has been listed among the world’s 14 most beautiful museums, by National Geographic.

The installation period lasted around 18 months, due to the positioning, size and dimensions of the Arabic letters engraved on each panel. It was also to make sure that the windows offer an optimum balance between natural light and air conditioning load without compromising its exterior.

museum of the future

What will the interiors of the museum represent?

The entire building of the Museum of the Future is divided into seven floors, with each floor representing a different theme and offering distinct experiences to the visitors. Unlike conventional museums, this museum is designed on the futuristic concept and will be offering an immersive and engaging experience. It aims at exhibiting scientific, technological, and innovative advancements – predicted for the year 2035.

The first three floors will be dedicated to outer space, human health and well-being, and bioengineering. The next three floors display technologies that address health, water, food, and transportation. The last floor is dedicated to children, who can play in the open space and explore it and solve challenges.

Doesn’t it all look too exciting to be missed? The tickets of the Museum of the Future are available now to book at AED145 at the official website of the museum. Children under three, Emirati nationals aged 60 and above, and people of determination will get complimentary entry.

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