Dubai Real Estate registration is just a one-step procedure now!

Dubai land Department

Finding a suitable property in Dubai for investment or living purposes is neither difficult nor tough, but the property registration step was stressful. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has simplified the procedure to complete real estate registration process in record time – to attract more investors to Dubai real estate. It has not just made the property buying and selling process swift but made Dubai real estate sector more attractive for international buyers.

The DLD’s step to reduce the property registration time in Dubai

Dubai land Department

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has appointed a new team consisting of a manager and an auditor to work directly from real estate registration trustee centres. The purpose is to simplify the procedure in order to reduce the customers’ time, increase the efficiency and create a congenial environment for real estate investment.

According to an official…

According to an official from the Dubai Land Department, “the department has continuously been striving to develop an easy-to-use system, available for all customers to obtain real estate registration services, through which they can choose and locate registration trustee offices.”

Let’s analyse the property registration procedure…

  •  The entire procedure starts with the sellers and buyers reaching at the real estate registration trustee centres.
  • Legal documents must be submitted for review and approval as required.
  • Through the payment portal, DLD’s fees are paid via bank cheque, with the help of a trustee of the real estate registration.
  • After completing the procedure, the registration trustee will issue the ownership to the new property buyer.
  • If something goes wrong, the customer can register a complaint against the registration trustee centre through their website, specifying its nature and providing every detail to handle the complaint.

Dubai real estate sector slowed down in the wake of global pandemic, but right after the Expo 2020 began, the market made a terrific comeback. To make this sector more attractive for foreign investors, the UAE government has been constantly taking steps and it is one of the most significant ones. It will reduce the property registration time, which will be another positive feature for potential property buyers and investors. Moreover, if customers face any issues with the trustee registration centre, they can file complaints through a new electronic mechanism with Smart Dubai.

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