How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agency in Dubai?

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Dubai real estate is a burgeoning market and has always remained attractive for potential property buyers. And the current statistics show that it has been grabbing the attention of both local and international investors for all the right reasons. If you are also planning to move to this magnificent city or want to grab a chunk of Dubai real estate sector, the best time to buy property in Dubai is now. 

How to invest in Dubai real estate sector?

However, the question arises what is the best way to do it? Will you start this venture without any help? Even if you can, it is advisable not to. In order to make the best move, you must work with the top-performing real estate agency in Dubai. Only a professional real estate agent can help you find a lucrative investment deal, within your budget. 

How to find the right real estate agency in Dubai?

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Finding the best real estate agency in Dubai is not difficult but can be Almost after shaking off the effects of the COVID-19 induced global pandemic in 2021, the Dubai real estate sector started booming. Resultantly, a large number of queries started pouring in from both local and international potential property investors. To cater to the needs of the growing potential investors, several new agencies are emerging in the market every other day.

To save your time and your money and to help you find the best real estate company in Dubai

Is the agency RERA certified?

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) was established in 2007 to regulate Dubai real estate sector. RERA takes control of every aspect of Dubai real estate sector including the licensing of real estate agents. Therefore, it is the most important point to check before choosing and starting work with any real estate agency in Dubai. Make sure that your chosen real estate agent is RERA certified. You can either ask him directly, check his BRN number or run a check on his profile.

Moreover, the real estate agency in Dubai that he/she is working for must be well-reputed. For how long the company has been operational and how well the employees are trained and equipped with market knowledge. 

Interview them!

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Finding an estate agent to sell your property or to help you find the best property in a reasonable budget is a daunting task and cannot be left to anyone inexperienced. Therefore, before you go to meet your real estate agent, be prepared to ask him as many questions as possible to assess his knowledge. Do not consider it a casual meet-up but takes it as a serious job – after which, you will decide whether to hire the agent or not.

If you are sure about your budget and have also finalized the community where you want to buy a property in Dubai, prepare a list of specific questions to know about the area, market situation, and comparative analysis of that area with other communities. For instance, if you are looking to buy an apartment in Dubai Hills Estate; you can ask about the scope of investment in this area or can ask about investing in apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, Business Bay or Downtown Dubai.

Ask for references!

Assuming that you are new to Dubai real estate market, you must conduct thorough research on his credential and previous deals before handing over your query to him. And despite the technology taking over the research and investment process, a true real estate agent must have human interactions. You must ask your chosen real estate agency in Dubai to provide you with written references from past clients or get your hands on testimonials. 

To be sure about your client’s credibility, you can call any of the agent’s former clients and ask them different questions such as how well does he communicate? How honest is he in dealings? Did he effectively guide you through the entire selling process? Did they accompany you during property viewing? And the last but not the least important question is; would you use this particular property agents or real estate agency in Dubai again?

Pick an estate agency with local expertise

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

Dubai is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the world and is an established business hub of the Middle East. You can find every type of property in Dubai, in every budget and at every location. Therefore, when it comes to buying properties for sale in Dubai, you can pick from a number of neighbourhoods – depending upon your budget and personal preferences. Find a real estate agent, who has in-depth market knowledge about the particular area, you are interested in. An ideal real estate company is one that is specialized in your chosen area and has a proven track record of selling properties there. 

An experienced real estate agent will be well-versed about the factors including the location, premium amenities, best performing residential developments, upcoming developments and what the future sales trends will be. An expert always knows more than most of the residents, so it is always advisable to work with industry specialists, when it comes to buying properties for sale in Dubai

Setting an asking price for a property is not everything!

Buying or selling a property is an exciting experience in Dubai for anyone. There is an iota of excitement in buying or selling of properties, especially when the entire process is backed by professional real estate agencies in Dubai. A few real estate agents use extravagant sales tactics to complete the transactions for the clients. And one of the biggest gimmicks is overestimating the asking (or selling) price for the properties. The over-priced property seems to impress the clients but in most of these cases, these properties remain on the market for a long and eventually, seller has to lose money.

Several people may agree to put a high estimated price of properties for sale but this is not the only factor that should be considered. Other factors that need to be considered are; the agent’s skills to secure the best deal, no matter what the asking price is. Working with a professional real estate company is a great idea as you can trust the agent and conveniently sail through the entire process.


Properties for sale in Dubai

Not only do you want an estate agent but a competitive and well-qualified real estate agent in Dubai to work on your behalf and grab the best possible deal for you. Ultimately, he will be the one working with you to close a deal for you, so you must find the one, with whom you can comfortably discuss your queries, develop a professional relationship and be sure that your best interests are well-taken care of. To reach the one, all you need is to contact the team HFRE at +971 4876 2473 or write us an email at One of our esteemed sales team agents will get back to you to conclude the best real estate investment deal. 

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