Where to invest in dubai

Where To Invest In Dubai Real Estate For Promising Returns?

Where to invest in Dubai real estate for promising returns? Dubai is one of the rapidly growing cities in the world – not just in the terms of population but its economic growth is also worth-watching. Following the announcement of the foreign property ownership decree in 2002, the city witnessed a massive construction boom attracting foreign investors to its real estate market. Since then not just...

Why invest in Dubai real estate

Dubai Real Estate – 5 Best Areas To Buy Villas In Dubai

Splendid, Palatial, Extravagant – These are the three words that truly describe Dubai and its lavish lifestyle. It is not just a beautiful city with awe-inspiring infrastructure but a progressive city with a fast growing economy. “The UAE government's continued efforts and utmost focus towards making and keeping this country the most preferred place for tourists, businesses, and residents due to its...

Tenancy Guide – What you must know before signing a tenancy contract in Dubai?

Dubai is a dynamic property market and every other expatriate who lands there, tends to find a rental property. Finding the right rental property in Dubai at a desirable location and within your budget can be a challenging task. Therefore, negotiating and signing a tenancy contract is pushed to the last-minute thing-to-do. Do you know that the “tenancy contract” is the single most important document in...

Top 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Dubai Real Estate?

For years, Dubai has been showing outstanding performance in every field. By evolving over the years, the city has taken advantage of everything that came on the road of growth including its geographical location, its maritime rich history, its diversity,and its culture. Now,it has not just become an international business destination but is also known for its world-class infrastructure, most popular...

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