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Home prices surge over 27% compared to May 2023, with Palm Jumeirah apartment rates hitting new record highs

Dubai’s residential market continued its strong performance in May, with capital values increasing at a faster rate compared to the previous month, according to recent data from ValuStrat. The ValuStrat Price Index (VPI) rose by 2.1 percent in May, reaching 174.4 points, reflecting a 27.2 percent growth compared to May of the previous year. Villas experienced the most significant monthly increase...


Anticipated stabilization in rental price growth with the introduction of 20,000 new properties to the market in 2024.

According to an expert speaking to Arabian Business, rental growth in the Dubai real estate market is projected to ease in 2024 due to a notable influx of new properties entering the market. Over half of the new project launches were concentrated in Dubai South East, which is expected to restrict substantial price increases citywide. Rental growth is forecasted to moderate in certain outlying areas of the...

Sustainable Living Dubai

The Rise of Sustainable and Green Buildings in Dubai

Dubai, the gleaming metropolis known for its iconic skyscrapers and extravagant developments, is rapidly transforming into a hub for sustainable and green buildings. With a strong commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development, the city has set ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly living. This article explores the rise of sustainable and green...

Verde at JLT by Sobha

Verde by Sobha Properties at JLT – Bringing Sobha in the limelight

Sobha Realty is based in Dubai, which is the luxury capital of the new world. It offers an exquisite, opulent, and rare collection of coveted real estate projects in the world's most sought-after locations. It offers unrivalled experiences for those who want the best, such as a diverse group of royalty and modern-day czars. These masterfully designed and constructed buildings, developments, neighbourhoods,...

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – A top choice for ultra rich investors

If there is one place on earth that exudes luxury - it is none other than Dubai and if you will have to precisely pick a spot in Dubai for gold standard living, it can be none other than Palm Jumeirah. It is the largest man-made island, the eighth wonder of the world and lovingly called as a residential paradise in Dubai. The palm is a palm-shaped archipelago and has raised the bar high for extravagant,...

Luxury Villas for sale in Dubai

10 Most Expensive Places To Rent Apartments And Villas in Dubai

Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, countless architectural marvels and world’s most spectacular neighbourhoods, where you can enjoy your dream lifestyle. The gold standard living and harmonious lifestyle are a few of the reasons that appeal to expatriates who come to experience this high-end living in Dubai. It is observed that a majority of expatriates prefer renting an apartment or villa...

Flying Taxis in Dubai 2026

Flying Taxis to take off in Dubai once more around 2026

If you need to describe Dubai in a few words, they will be none other than luxury, flamboyance and extravaganza. Dubai is a futuristic metropolitan and also a city of skyscrapers, pristine beaches and sea ports and sun-kissed deserts. Moreover, it is one of the top shopping and tourist destinations, where life never ceases. It brings along endless attractions, activities and opportunities to keep everyone...

Apartments for sale in dubai

Dubai sets a new record with an apartment sold for $112 million

Dubai, a remarkable city, is known to offer a luxury lifestyle, premium amenities, and world-class facilities in the world. With Dubai’s futuristic approach and its growing economy, the emirate leads the world in governance, preparedness and effectiveness. Moreover, the government's commitment to making the city one of the most business-friendly destinations in the region, through the promotion of...

Commercial Properties for sale in Dubai

Future of Commercial Real Estate Projects in Dubai – Trends And Opportunities

Dubai has emerged as one of the most attractive investment hubs in the world, with its booming commercial real estate sector providing an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the region's rapid economic growth. The city offers many advantages for real estate investors, including a strong economy and a wide variety of property types to choose from. Furthermore, it enjoys some of the most lenient...

Dubai Real Estate Market

What makes Dubai a Promising Destination for Real Estate Investment?

Dubai, a city of gold, has always been celebrated for its ultra-modern camaraderie, gold-standard opulence, state-of-the-art facilities, architectural marvels, rich maritime history and unmatchable finesse in every aspect. Now, it has also built its reputation as a top global financial and investment hub. And among all the available lucrative investment opportunities, Dubai real estate is the most...

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