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London Real Estate Market 2023

2023 Set to Bring Positive News For UK Property Market

Everyone remembers 2020 as a year of global induced by coronavirus but by mid-year, a few global real estate markets buoyed up amidst the crunch. Dubai, Miami and London real estate markets are the most notable ones. Overall, the UK housing market started showing recovery and booming signs right after re-opening, thanks to the fierce demand for bigger homes, more space, and better environment suitable to...

Dubai Real Estate Recession 2023

Impact of 2023 Global Recession on Dubai Property Market

Dubai real estate sector showed an upsurge last year where there was more than a 60% increase in overall units sold, and the off-plan sector was leading the way. However, there is some uncertainty among the people regarding the real estate sector’s performance, given the word of imminent global recession in 2023. While some experts say that the UAE will dodge the recession, albeit with a slowdown, the...

Dubai The Royal Atlantis - 2023 New Open

Dubai’s Atlantis – The Royal schedules to open on 10th February

Dubai, the world’s luxurious city that is renowned for opulence, exclusivity and branded hotels and resorts. And there is no dearth of luxury hotels in Dubai. However, with the launch of every new project, we can experience another level of luxury. Even now, this emirate will witness the opening of a new mega-resort, which claims to be “the most ultra-luxury experiential resort in the world”. And it...

Sobha Hartland II

Lifting The Veil From Sobha Hartland II – The Pulsating Centre of Dubai

Sobha Realty, headquartered in Dubai, arguably the new world's luxury capital, brings you an exquisite, opulent and rare collection of coveted real estate at the world's most sought-after locations, offering unrivalled experiences for those who seek the cream of the crop, including an eclectic gathering of royalty and modern-day czars. These buildings, developments, neighbourhoods, and complexes,...

Dubai Real Estate Properties

10 New Dubai Property Developments offering luxury amenities

Dubai is recognised globally for its ambitious and grandiose architecture, from the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago filled with hotels, resorts, and residences. Breaking records and setting benchmarks has kept the emirate booming as the latest advancements spring up yearly. According to the property agents in Dubai, the real estate market saw an...

Business Bay, JVC and Dubai Marina

Business Bay, JVC and Dubai Marina to drive the Dubai property market in 2023

Comprised of little beyond dunes, decrepit forts and coastal towns a century ago, the UAE has grown into a show-stopping, headline-grabbing destination which offers an enticing blend of traditional Islamic culture and the latest in technologically advanced modern-day living. The country is divided into seven emirates; however, the focus is primarily on Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Both have an ever-expanding...

Dubai Real Estate Market

Impact of $8.7 Trillion Economic Project On Dubai Real Estate

Dubai has become a hub for innovative infrastructure, thanks to its ground-breaking structural arrangements, futuristic architecture, and artistically designed and man-made islands. The emirate has undergone a veritable urbanisation, with the boldly formed Museum of the Future, the unrivalled Skyscraper Burj Khalifa, and several other landmark buildings. Dubai has always been at the top of the list when it...

Properties For Sale in Dubai

Dubai Off Plan Properties To Witness Robust Growth in 2023

The market sentiments are usually mixed when it comes to investing in off plan segment of real estate. Look the term up, and besides the definition, many people mention the cons of investing or opting for such projects. However, that is the case until you check for off-plan properties in Dubai. Before we continue forward, let’s get the meaning of off-plan out of the way, it is any property you buy...

dubai properties for sale

46% growth projected for Dubai real estate sector in 2023

Dubai real estate sector is booming and the sector is expected to further grow this year as well. Luxury properties have reigned Dubai real estate sector and this segment is also set to see the strongest growth in 2023, owing to the rising demand from high-net-worth individuals, scarce supply and relatively fewer launches. The prices for properties in Dubai are expected to sustain or grow in an upward...

Dubai Tech Events

Upcoming Tech Events to Look Forward to in Dubai 2023

Dubai is no stranger to technology, from the transport system working towards flying manned transports and the Hyperloop to its modern real estate development of man-made marvels such as the Palm and the Burj-Khalifa. The city is one of the fastest growing in the world. It fosters an environment geared toward innovation in all sectors and industries, whether blockchain or 3D printing or artificial...

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