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Although the UAE Golden Visa Programme was launched almost two years ago but has constantly been a hot topic of discussion amongst people planning to set up their home in this country. Moreover, the UAE government has since been taking massive steps to make it more attractive for potential applicants. Interestingly, the recent changes are vigorous and can appeal to anyone planning for long-term residence in the UAE.

One of the major recent changes in the UAE Golden Visa programme is for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

The UAE Golden Visa for real estate investors

It is one of the significant categories of the UAE Golden Visa that entices global potential investors to invest in the real estate sector and avail of long-term residence options in the country.

Now, the UAE government has announced to reduce the investment amount needed to apply for Golden Visa through real estate investment. The investment amount has been reduced to AED2 million from AED5 million earlier, while extending the duration of the visa to 10 years from five years earlier. The earlier requirement for a 10-year residence visa was AED10 million.

Note: The investor no longer needs to visit the country every six months.

The payment formula that investors must follow…

If the potential investors need to obtain a property through a mortgage; they will have to pay 10% to 25% of the total amount as a down payment to secure an AED2 million property in the UAE. The 10% of AED2 million is AED200,000 is AED200,000 and the investor can take advantage of the developers’ instalment schemes.

AED500,000 makes 25% of the total AED2 million property, which is again an affordable option as not every Golden Visa related investment will be needed to complete through the cash sales.

Currently, developers are working to bring competitive offers into the market to grab potential investors’ interest.

A majority of real estate experts have welcomed this revolutionary step and considered it an unbeatable “value-for-money” real estate investment deal on a global scale.

Direct from developers investment schemes

Real estate experts suggest that there are potential investors who may not have AED2 million in full for an outright purchase. This is where direct-from-developers schemes come in handy, to convince potential investors to pick Dubai properties through an instalment scheme. At the same time, it is also crucial to make sure that they have AED2 million equity to qualify for a Golden Visa.

According to a real estate developer that new residents who want to sign up for Golden Visas would have to spend a certain time to qualify for a mortgage loan. This is where developers can offer various investment options to speed up the investment process.

What can investors get in AED2 million mark?

If we closely look at the current market valuations and the investment sphere, an investor with AED2 million can get a reasonable property anywhere in Dubai. For instance, a two bedroom apartment in a relatively posh community or a 2 bedroom townhouse can be obtained for AED2 million. For instance, the investors can get an opportunity to invest in Dubai from Dubai International City to Jumeirah Beach Residence, from Dubai Hills Estate to Dubai Marina and from Jumeirah Village Circle to Emaar Beachfront.

Besides that several off-plan projects are also there, where developers will have to tweak their payment plan to meet the visa eligibility.


Currently, Dubai and other emirates have an abundance of properties that can meet and break the mark of AED2 million. However, with time there will be a price rise due to several factors but also more properties will be up for sale.

If you are planning to be a part of this growing property market, you must work with professionals and we claim that sales experts at HFRE know this market inside out. To let us help you find ideal investment deals, you can contact us at +971 4876 2473 with your queries or write us at and one of our team members will get back to you with a bespoke investment plan.

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