All That You Want To Know About Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

All That You Want To Know About Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

If you live in Dubai, you must have heard about Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme. Or is it that you know nothing about this but want to learn more?


Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

All That You Want To Know About Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme is a government programme that works on providing housing assistance to the UAE national citizens, who cannot afford a suitable home. It was established in 1999 and is designed to offer housing assistance services such as grants and loans, to provide multiple options including building, purchasing, maintaining, and expanding a house according to approved policies and standards.

The programme follows the UAE’s strategy in maintaining a good lifestyle and healthy surroundings for the residents.

Eligibility Criteria

Only, the UAE citizens are eligible for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme services.

This programme supports widows, orphans and every other UAE national, who cannot buy a good house for their families.

Eligibility criteria for applying to this programme

The programme is specifically designed for UAE nationals, so, the first and foremost important condition is that the applicant must be:

  • A UAE national

And the other conditions are as follow:

  • You should be the breadwinner of the family
  • You are not able to have a suitable house for your family
  • You have never received government aid for any housing programme
  • You did not own a house since 1999, or your current house is not suitable to reside in
  • You do not have enough income to buy or complete the construction of a new house

If you are a UAE national woman, it must be the case;

  • A widow and has children
  • A divorced woman with kids and father of the kids cannot afford a house
  • With no parents and reached 30 years of age without marriage
  • With no parents and has no breadwinner
  • Married to a non-UAE national and he cannot get his family a suitable house

What is being offered by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme offers three types of assistance such as:

Housing Assistance

A government housing option or a non-refundable financial grant

Financial Assistance

Housing loan for the houses in government housing complexes or a certain amount to improve the condition of your home

Utility Housing

You can take benefits of this assistance in form of:

  • Constructing a new house
  • Upgrading the existing house
  • Completing the under-construction house
  • Buy a house or apartment for your family
  • Pay a previously obtained loan from another entity for housing purposes.

Documents needed to apply for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

If you are a UAE national and consider applying for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, you must keep the following documents ready.

  • A copy of your passport, family book, and ID card
  • A property certificate from the emirate’s responsible authority
  • proof of your income

If you are a widow, then in addition to the above-mentioned documents, you must also have:

  • proof of inheritance inventory
  • A certificate of non-marriage
  • A certificate of obtaining pension on behalf of your late husband
  • A proof of obtaining financial assistance as a widow from a responsible entity in the country.

A divorced woman must also provide:

  • proof from the court clarifying the custody of your kids

Where can you apply for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

You can submit your application at:

  • One of the emirates’ post offices
  • Via the programme’s website
  • Any of the programme branches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the type of housing assistance after the approval of the application?

Yes, you can. However, in order to receive a new form of housing assistance, you will have to cancel your already approved application and start with a new one.

Can I cancel the application after submission?

Yes, you can cancel the application by going to Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s office.

Isn’t it a commendable step by the government for the UAE nationals to ensure good residential options within the country? And now when you know the programme in detail, after checking your eligibility, you must apply for housing aid through this programme, if you are in need of a suitable home.

However, if you are looking for assistance in buying a property in Dubai or anywhere in the emirate, you must contact the team HFRE at +971 4876 2473 or you can also write us at and one of our representatives will be there at your service.

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