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Real Estate Activity Report for the Last Week of 2022

Last week, the real estate market in Dubai observed transactions totaling AED 7.02 billion. There were a total of 2,248 sales transactions, including 441 mortgage transactions for AED 7.89B million, and 94 gift transactions worth 537.70 million from Dec 26, 2022 to Dec 30, 2022 in the world of real estate market Dubai. Moreover, Akaya Oxygen property worth AED 331,000.00 tops the list of sales, consisting...

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Dubai Property Transactions Of AED 6.28B For December’s 3rd Week

As of the week ending December 23, 2022, the total value of real estate and property deals reached AED 6.28 billion, with total transactions of 2,389. There were 231 plots sold for a total of AED 877.59 million, while 2,158 units and villas were purchased for a total of AED 5.44 billion.   There was a 100 million UAE dirham sale of land in Business Bay, a 96.5 million UAE dirham sale of land in Al...

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Real Estate Dubai Remains Bustling With $500M Worth Of Properties This Thursday

With just a few weeks left in the year, Dubai's real estate market remains active, with about $500 million worth of property circulating in the economy on Thursday alone.   Dubailand department data shows that on Thursday there were 468 sales transactions worth a total of $379m (AED1.39bn), 84 mortgage deals worth $71m (AED259.89m), and 65 gift contracts worth $30m (AED109.6m).  A total of 401...

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Dubai Real Estate Transactions Record Near AED6 bn in December So Far

Who says December is all about holidays and lazing around? At least, it is not true for Dubai real estate, as this market is experiencing a strong end to the year, with escalating transactions. And if all predictions are to be believed, Dubai real estate sector prices are likely to double in the upcoming year, driven by the continuous increase in the demand for both luxury and affordable properties for...

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Dubai Real Estate Touched AED30 Billion Mark This November

Dubai real estate started showing recovery signs by the end of 2021 and continued its growth track throughout 2022. Interestingly, the sector has neither lost its charm nor lost its momentum over the course of a year and if property pundits’ predictions are to be believed, it is expected to observe this thrust in 2023 as well. The rise can be validated with all the right reasons including the country’s...

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