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Hendon - Area Guide

There are many local features and amenities in Hendon, making it one of the livelier and perhaps more desirable places to live in the entirety of North London. Brent Reservoir, often known as the Welsh Harp, is located here, and it features 170 lovely hectares of water and marshes, as well as the Brent Cross, one of London’s largest shopping centers.

Hendon is home to a significant Jewish population that seems at ease in the neighborhood’s eclectic culture and a strong feeling of community. Families are lured to the area because of the abundance of parks and excellent schools. The area’s restaurants, cafes, and bars attract mainly young professionals and student crowds, and the area’s proximity to major roads and train lines makes getting around London a breeze.

Hendon real estate is in high demand among Londoners because of its proximity to the city center, consisting of amazing properties for sale for the landlords and wealthy homeowners, but the neighborhood is notably quieter than downtown London. The real estate in NW4 is unique in its diversity. Many of the bigger detached and semi-detached buildings may be found at the prestigious Shirehall Estate, while the Sunny Hill neighborhood is home to huge detached homes and historic mansions.

The West Hendon estate, which consists primarily of one- and two-bedroom apartments and other properties for sale in Hendom, is another area of Hendon’s real estate market that offers excellent value for money. For those seeking a vibrant neighborhood close to the city, these apartments are a good option.A wide variety of architectural types may be found in Hendon, much like the rest of London. One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Hendon, Brampton Grove is home to multimillion-pound detached modern mansions.

Properties For Sale in Hendon

Map of Properties in Hendon

Key Features of Hendon

In the residential districts close to Hendon Park, turn-of-the-century semi-detached houses are also rather frequent. These are favored by families because of the ample space they provide, the attractive bay windows, the driveways, and the gardens.

There are a lot of apartments to choose from, and you can divide them into two types. There are two types of dwellings in a typical house: modern apartments with large interior spaces, and older structures that serve as outbuildings or additions. Fireplaces, lofty ceilings, and sash windows are common selling points in these restored homes. Hendon also has Victorian terraces with red brick exteriors and period features, as well as flats built in the 1960s that have maintained their worth due to the neighborhood’s desirability.

In recent years, Hendon’s home values have risen steadily, with the average home selling for more than the average London home. Growing demand has contributed to price increases in the region. Many one- and two-bedroom apartments are still available for sale at prices below £300,000, so first-time buyers can still find affordable places to settle down. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for some of Hendon’s most exclusive detached residences to fetch multimillion-dollar prices.

Investors seeking buy-to-let houses should seriously consider Hendon, since rising demand has led to a comparable increase in prices. There is a good chance that buying a property for sale in this region will yield a high rate of return due to the location’s proximity to Central London and the fact that some smaller homes are selling for reasonably inexpensive prices.

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