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Old Town Dubai - Area Guide

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Old Town in Downtown Dubai is the only low-rise residential building in the area. Emaar Properties, a leading builder in the region, is a partner and a major contributor to the project. This area is known as “Old” because of the style of architecture that was employed to build it. It wasn’t until 2006 that construction on the area was finally completed.

Old Town might not have as many cultural options as the rest of the city, but it still has much to offer, including the beautiful properties for sale in Old Town. Parks, grocery stores, and investment firms are just some of the facilities that can be found in this community.

Deira is a mix of modern and old suburbs in Old Town, thus property costs are lower than in some other parts of Dubai but it does have a high population density which means plenty of people and amenities, such as stores, marketplaces, eateries, and watering holes. Because of its convenient location in relation to both the airport and the subway, this region also features a wide variety of entertainment venues.

Bur Dubai is an older, predominantly Indian area of Dubai, known for its affordable hotels and delicious, traditional Indian cuisine, situated in Old Town Dubai. People in search of genuine Indian cuisine should visit this area. It’s cheap and convenient for individuals interested in history and culture who don’t mind being away from the Old Town’s landmarks.

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Properties For Sale in Old Town Dubai

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Map of Properties in Old Town Dubai

Key Features of Old Town Dubai

You can easily go to the Ski Resort and the Mall of the Emirates from Al Barsha, an area in Old Town Dubai. There are more metro stops and it’s less expensive than Marina. Some great local eateries and pubs may be found in the neighborhood as well. You may have a fantastic vacation in Old Town Dubai without breaking the bank. When you stay here, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. In that case, get yourself a copy of the Old Town Dubai Area Guide and then get ready!

The JA Ocean View Hotel is a luxurious option for those on a tighter budget in Old Town Dubai. The view and breakfast are both fantastic. A stay here provides the whole Dubai experience without the astronomical price tag. The Address Hotel is a superb option for anyone seeking a location in the center of Old Town. The authentic bazaars and extraordinary buildings in this neighborhood will amaze you.

The heart of Dubai can be found in its downtown district. It has upscale shopping and entertainment venues, as well as places to relax and unwind. This region, which includes the Burj Khalifa and the The Dubai Mall, is perfect for the professional. For those seeking a high-end urban lifestyle, this is the place to be, as it features an abundance of shopping centers and restaurants.

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