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Dubai Work From Home

Dubai – The Third Best City for Professionals to Work From Home

The COVID-19 induced global pandemic was declared at the beginning of 2020. And since then, hundreds of millions of people have learnt a new art of living through lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions. Subsequently, millions had to lose their jobs and countless others have abruptly adopted working from home. With the looming threats of the omicron variant, the future looks uncertain, as we...

properties for sale in Dubai

What Will be the Future of Dubai Real Estate Sector, Post Expo 2020?

Not so long ago there were speculations about the properties for sale in Dubai market that potential property investors would reject Dubai in the long-term and may never come back. However, a majority of real estate experts believed in the market’s strong rebound and the country’s resilient economy to back the real estate sector. The unpredictable tenant default rate and increase in unemployment...

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