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Dubai Real Estate Market in 2023

Dubai is The Best Place To Live, Work, Invest and Visit in 2023

No, we are not just saying that; it is a fact. Just recently, according to a report by the Resonance Consultancy, a leading global advisor in tourism, real estate, and economic development, Dubai has been named the top regional city and the fifth best city in the world in the World’s Best Cities report for 2023 and Dubai ranked number 2 on the best city for expatriates as per a CNBC article. The...

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Emerging Trends in Dubai Real Estate 2021/2022

Due to the UAE government's proactive economic changes and an expedited vaccination programme, Dubai real estate market is expected to grow in 2022, following a year of relatively near stagnant growth due to the coronavirus epidemic. One of the country's economic stimulus programmes is a residency visa for retirees and remote workers (freelancers). The Head of Real Estate Research predicts that UAE...

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6 Fun Things to Do To Enjoy Your Weekend In Dubai

Dubai is magical – the surreal entertainment and exhilarating nightlife experience it offers is sought by many. Though several tourists think that Dubai is all about flashy malls, ostentatious hotels and designer outlets but the sprawling city has a lot more to offer including exclusive cultural experiences, theme parks, and unrivalled desert adventure activities. Dubai has established itself as a global...

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Why Bluewaters Island is a great choice for living?

Sixty-nine percent of MENA residents said they expected major lifestyle changes in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. The health crisis may have lasted longer than anticipated, but its effects may be seen even now, two years later. The realisation that conspicuous consumption's social and environmental impact requires more than just lip service has led many people to re-evaluate their personal...

Dubai Crypto: Properties in Dubai

Dubai’s New Virtual Assets Law To Support Crypto in Real Estate

For the last few years, Dubai has maintained its status as one of the top ten most important cities in the world. 85% of the population is made up of people from over 200 different countries, bringing together people from diverse sets of cultural backgrounds and walks of life, and opening up a world of possibilities. Dubai's rapid growth is reflected in the city's projected smart cities, which would use...


Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Dubai

Thinking of moving to Dubai? We know, its lavish lifestyle including dream jobs and world-class healthcare facilities and safe status are what appeal to people. Dubai is hot, it has beaches, concrete jungle and everything charming. It makes people excited, like it’s calling their name. However, right after touching down in Dubai and before throwing down your bags, do yourself a favour and update yourself...

Metaverse Dubai Real Estate

How Will Metaverse Impact the Dubai Real Estate Sector?

Over the past several months, the concept of the "metaverse" has risen from the depths of obscurity to the forefront of reality. This year, it is predicted to see a significant rise in digital real estate sales in the Metaverse. Despite the increased attention, there is little agreement on what "metaverse" implies or how this new technology will affect the economy and society. It is claimed that commercial...

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Top 10 Housing Communities to Live in Dubai

Offering extravagant luxury, modern, high-tech facilities and the old world charm, Dubai is the eponymous capital of the seven emirates. Spanned across the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, this emirate is renowned worldwide as the booming capital and thriving hub of international trade and innovation. Their are tons of properties for sale in Dubai but which one suits you the best? The tiny...

What are the Government Schemes to Buy Properties in Dubai?

Dubai has emerged as a prime destination for potential property buyers more than ever before, after the global pandemic. Buying properties in Dubai is not just a viable investment option but it offers a hedge against inflation and promises hefty profits and value appreciation. Moreover, not just the expatriates but international property investors are now granted premium advantages in terms of ease in...

Properties in Dubai

Dubai Property Paradigm Shift – From Ready to Move In to Custom Made Houses

Dubai has received the highest global recognition in the Gulf region for creating its own form and flavour of urbanism. Most of Dubai's urban planning portrays either the city's history, its rapid pace of development, or its informal urbanism. From astounding skyscrapers and artificial islands to marvellous premium villas for sale in Dubai, this city has offered a fair share of concrete treats.  From...

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